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19th Dec 2006, 20:13   comments (2)

it's mr dickie kingdom

(viewed 792 times)
looking very aphex twin i might add on the top pic, we went round to ged's new flat, its so super nice! our place looks like a squat compared... anyway, had a super duper time. i'm going again on thursday hehehe
19th Dec 2006, 09:57   comments (1)

hair styles

(viewed 818 times)
susan & i were on the tube... we vow never to get the lady in green's hair cut... its feathered =P
18th Dec 2006, 13:49   comments (0)

dave crane fly

(viewed 912 times)
hung out with jamie's mate from uni on Sunday, we had a LOT to drink... & no he really doesn't look like that, we had face pulling contests all day hehhe
18th Dec 2006, 13:47   comments (0)

andrea's baby

(viewed 828 times)
frederick junior... isn't he so cute?
13th Dec 2006, 17:15   comments (1)

strangers in the night

(viewed 703 times)
ged, trich & gael

gael who i havent seen for 3 years looking like a thug ( i only met him for about 10 minutes 3 years ago)
13th Dec 2006, 15:35   comments (0)


(viewed 777 times)
i went to my work colleagues flat to get something... this is his lush street, i am so jealous
8th Dec 2006, 16:05   comments (1)

night mode

(viewed 682 times)
i was trying to take a photo on night mode and slipped, then i thought it was trippy & took one of jamie... eery isnt it?
6th Dec 2006, 11:23   comments (2)