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You're a pudding.

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The last piece of ginger biscuit cake. Mmm... A pleasant evening spent with family, with cake. Perfect.
26th Nov 2006, 21:27   comments (2)

Wake up jonah...

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...but i don't want to daddy!
26th Nov 2006, 16:02   comments (1)

Kissing mummy

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He's learned how to kiss!
25th Nov 2006, 14:43   comments (5)


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Jonah enjoying a relaxing lunch with Grandma, and a suspiciously camp-looking Grandpa...
25th Nov 2006, 13:57   comments (1)


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Reading to himself at 10 months, making the animal noises! Genius.
23rd Nov 2006, 17:49   comments (0)


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A cute but unsuccessful attempt to get daddy's phone. The tears that arrived 10 seconds later didn't work either.
23rd Nov 2006, 17:47   comments (0)


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Here's a lovely picture of Jonah enjoying the worship at our church this
morning. (he's clapping along if you can't tell)
19th Nov 2006, 17:32   comments (3)

sleep at last

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We've just been to Leeds to see Froggy and Ross, and the little man was an
angel. Here he is having a well deserved sleep on the way home.To all those who know Froggy and Ross, sorry, but I forgot to take pictures
with them in. Jen thinks I'm possibly a little too preoccupied with my
18th Nov 2006, 20:22   comments (4)