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take time to smell the roses...

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...and he did.
16th Nov 2006, 19:55   comments (1)


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I guess this means he doesn't like tomatoes anymore...
15th Nov 2006, 19:55   comments (1)

The youngest swinger in town

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The boy almost enjoying himself in Ruby's swing
14th Nov 2006, 20:08   comments (0)

Where's mummy gone?

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Jen has just gone back to work and Jo speed crawled to the window to find
her!! Bless
14th Nov 2006, 20:06   comments (1)

New Stockings!

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Jen has just finished these! One for Jonah and the unnamed one for next
year! Any decent name suggestions?
14th Nov 2006, 20:05   comments (3)

here i am daddy!

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Daddy loses the game of hide and seek with his 10 month old. After 3 hours,
Jonah appears in the back of the minibus, gleefully taunting.
13th Nov 2006, 22:28   comments (1)

Sunday afternoon in the park.

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Having a fun time in the park. This picture also proves that mummy exists. She's been complaining that she's not appeared on the blog yet!
12th Nov 2006, 16:04   comments (1)


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Man alive, eating apples with only 2 teeth is hard work!
6th Nov 2006, 16:40   comments (4)