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New house!

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We have moved! Margaret and dennis came up to help for the day and were just fab. All are welcome, the kettle is always on.
20th Jan 2007, 19:06   comments (2)

Evil finger puppet cohorts!

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As a follow up to the original evil monkey, i am horrified to present his heinous league of doom- maniac monkey, evil elephant, terrifying turtle and lucifer lion. Pray they won't haunt your dreams like they do mine...
17th Jan 2007, 18:51   comments (0)

Jonah the peacemaker.

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Tom and ruby were crying til jonah came along and sat on them. What a good solution. If your kids start crying, sit on them!
15th Jan 2007, 16:27   comments (2)

Devil monkey finger puppet

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Just playing with the boy when i noticed the spawn of satan on the end of my finger! Not very often that happens! Thank you to auntie jo and uncle andrew for a great birthday present! Love you! X
7th Jan 2007, 09:50   comments (4)

more pox...

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A cuter picture of the spotty boy...
6th Jan 2007, 21:42   comments (2)


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Is it officially a pandemic when one third of the population of somewhere
gets chicken pox?
6th Jan 2007, 18:31   comments (2)

Birthday Boy!

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Here are a few pictures of Jonah's 1st birthday! I guess it's only a phase
when they're more interested in the cards than the presents!A good time was had by all!!
6th Jan 2007, 18:23   comments (1)

Home again!

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10 days on the road, and back to a bloody freezing house, but jonah is sooo excited! Happy new year all!
1st Jan 2007, 16:36   comments (4)