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Name: Joe Oldak
Place: Cambridge, UK

What have I been listening to this week?

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The Trinity Centre serves almost immeasurably small lunches

(viewed 888 times)
so I've taken matters into my own hands!
8th Jun 2005, 14:53   | tags:comments (4)

Is it art?

(viewed 1348 times)
...or is it just a bunch of bean filled wheelbarrows in curious alignments?

(picture taken by Piers)
8th Jun 2005, 07:46   | tags:,comments (1)

New phone guvnor?

(viewed 1085 times)
V3 perhaps? P910? ...
3rd Jun 2005, 14:05   | tags:comments (5)

It occurs to me

(viewed 1417 times)
that you can't really go wrong with beer.
31st May 2005, 23:46   | tags:comments (4)


(viewed 1057 times)
Went to Aldeburgh today, on the Suffolk coast. On the beach they have this rather cool sculpture.

The camera on this Nokia really is alarmingly better than the one on the Motorola V3!
30th May 2005, 23:01   | tags:,comments (6)

While I was eating my lunch

(viewed 1284 times)
a lady blackbird came and sat on my bike wheel. Sadly, by the time I'd
got the phone out it'd moved to the floor, and refused to sit on the
wheel again no matter how many breadcrumbs I enticed it with!
30th May 2005, 22:59   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 1405 times)
Since he posted one of me, I felt it was my duty to reciprocate...
27th May 2005, 13:18   | tags:comments (1)

A Thing of Beauty.

(viewed 1504 times)
Such awe inspiring lovelyness.

An entire festival dedicated to the unrelenting goodness of beer.

(Sorry for the picture quality, the Motorola V3 is a bit average. I just ordered a new Nokia though.)
25th May 2005, 16:07   | tags:comments (4)