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Together with my home page - , this will enable me to post pictures on the move with no delay.The early pictures are from my P900 and are not 100% clear but they will do and as of November 2007 they are al from my SE K800i.I have found some text on how to take mobile photos and this can be found on my profile.
Just looking around on here it looks like ' random ' is the key word in play so bang goes my idea of top notch hard hitting lorry photographs.

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It must be love

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According to Becky boos maths,Jo and myself are made for each other
13th Dec 2009, 06:52   comments (1)


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This years effort - its stewed with the finest of Brandy
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Wet walks in the dark and gloom

Cerberus is one of the offspring of Typhoeus and Echidna. It is a three headed dog with a snake tail and snake heads proturding from his back. He guards the entrance to the underworld, allowing the dead to enter but, never to leave. One of the few living mortals to get past Cerberus was Orpheus who charmed it to sleep with his song during his attempt to rescue Eurydice from death. Fetching Cerberus from the underworld and displaying him to King Eurystheus was the last labor of Heracles .
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firework night

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Sky flowers

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The best picture of many was Jessica pushing her face up against a glass door
2nd Nov 2009, 06:14   comments (1)

preemptive strike

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Are we the first .... are we ? are we?
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mellow yellow

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