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Best Hall

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I recently returned to one of my alma maters, Arizona State
University. This is where I lived freshman year.
27th Sep 2007, 06:25   comments (1)

Fair food 2

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Steph and her shoe-box full of french fries.
12th Sep 2007, 03:55   comments (0)

Fair food 1

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Are you kidding? A chicken sandwich with a Krispie Kreme donut as a bun with
honey and raspberry sauce on it? Holy Crap is all I can say. No wonder
Americans are fat.
12th Sep 2007, 03:55   comments (1)

A good day

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No footsie-wootsie though
12th Sep 2007, 03:53   comments (0)

High above Pomona

(viewed 270 times)
At the fair, the world's largest portable ferris wheel. Inspires feelings
of trust and safety.
12th Sep 2007, 03:51   comments (0)


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12th Sep 2007, 03:50   comments (0)

Old school coin-op gaming!

(viewed 274 times)
Robocop sidescroller
Terminator Shooter
Speed Racer, well... racer
12th Sep 2007, 03:49   comments (0)

Not what it looks like

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But it does look dirty no?
12th Sep 2007, 03:47   comments (0)