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Craig watches the hills outside our office burn
30th Mar 2007, 22:56   comments (0)


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This is the snake that Steph almost stepped on when we were hiking in
Griffith Park. Scary what can almost bite you in Los Angeles.
28th Mar 2007, 18:18   comments (0)


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What are you looking at?
28th Mar 2007, 17:46   comments (0)

Bold Squirell

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I'm not sure it's really a good idea to feed it out of your hand, even if you can.
28th Mar 2007, 17:42   comments (0)

Fun with farm animals

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Those capsule foam animals. They take so long to expand.
28th Mar 2007, 17:41   comments (0)

We'll miss you too Joely

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28th Mar 2007, 17:35   comments (0)

Steph and Downtown

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Great hike with Steph and the Zaz.
28th Mar 2007, 17:33   comments (0)


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28th Mar 2007, 17:31   comments (0)