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ph34r teh b4ckp4ck... f00...

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new addition to the front of my gear-hauling backpack. patch courtesy of
thinkgeek.com. bag and accessories courtesy of wannabe military surplus.
i can and do store approximately 1 kabillion electronic things in the
various pouches i've stashed all over it.
6th Jan 2005, 08:20   comments (0)

s'cuse me, i believe you have my steepler...

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those sammich slingin' hippies at Head West were brandishing the iconic
red swingline. duuuude, if mr. lumberg tells me to move my desk again,
i'm totally gonna set the building on fire, brah!
6th Jan 2005, 08:07   comments (0)

Evil Code.

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looking at this ancient readout all day, every day, has in the course of
five years eaten away my soul. damn you, LEADS 2000, damn you.
12th Dec 2004, 06:37   comments (0)

Wal~Mart: We're Rolling Back Dignity!

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jesus costs $1.44 at your local wal~mart. these "Inspirational Faith
Decals" are "For those who Lead a Faith Filled Life." so... one
question, true believers: how much of that $1.44 goes to the chinese
laborer who produced this tacky crap? you do know that 80% of all the
products on wal~mart's shelves are made in china, right? you do realize
this is gutting the economy of middle america, right? you do realize
that wal~mart demands the lowest possible standard of living for anyone
below the executives in bentonville, right? actually, that kind of
brings up another question: Who Would Jesus Exploit?
12th Dec 2004, 06:33   comments (0)

The Silver Lining of Election Day 2004.

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Barack Obama, the senator-elect from Illinois, and i couldn't be more
proud of that fact. if he establishes a good record for himself in the
senate, this man's going to be president one day (hopefully sooner
rather than later). and it's about god damn time.

anyone unfamiliar with him can watch the video here:
7th Nov 2004, 00:31   comments (0)

skeletal shenanigans.

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in a bid to anger the fat christian cow, i crucified the decorative
cardboard skeleton. i was councelled against this course of action
however, and decided that he should instead put on his boogie shoes and
catch the night fever, night feeeeeverrrrrrr...

12th Oct 2004, 23:20   comments (0)

El Mysterioso.

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it would be awesome if i could remember just what the hell this is,
where i took it, or why.

12th Oct 2004, 23:12   comments (0)


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the fat cow reports to us on the weekend that there is water dripping
into the women's bathroom. it orders us to inspect the men's bathroom
one floor above. there, we find a growing puddle, and this scene of
devastation. water has leaked from the sixth floor of the building
(which is NOT the top floor, curiously), sent two ceiling tiles crashing
into the stalls, and proceeded downward to begin the process again on
the fourth floor. the levels of filth and stench that were NOT captured
by the phonecam are impossible to describe.

12th Oct 2004, 23:11   comments (2)
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