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the new cats

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the girl with the bell around her neck and the terrified look is sadie.
the boy with the wild eyes and hair to match is loki. we adopted them
from a shelter in springfield because our cat was getting lonely after
the dog died. he'd been misbehaving and crying all the time, so he
needed someone else to occupy him when we're gone. my mom saw this
brother and sister pair and fell in love with them, and i didn't think
it would be right to split them up when they've been together their
whole lives. so tuesday we brought them home and they've been struggling
to adjust. sadie is under a lot of stress and is having a hard time of
it, while loki is mostly settling down. they seem like good cats, if
they can calm down and be sociable...

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ever wonder what's inside the soap dispenser?

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well, this is it. one of the soap dispensers in my office has been
broken for months on end, and rather than fix it or get a new one, they
just set the soap-filled insert on the ledge above the sink and we're
supposed to use that. that little yellow thing coming down looks sort of
like a cow udder, and you have to squeeze it to get soap to come out. it
is the single most profane thing EVER. god, that building is pure squalor.

oh, and lest you think the obvious has escaped me... what the hell was
the box designer thinking?!?!

4th Aug 2004, 04:07   comments (1)

sunday bookstore treasure hunt.

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went to barnes and noble yesterday. it may be a great big chain
bookstore, but unfortunately it's the best bookstore in this region by
far. huge chain or not, it's fun to browse on a sunday afternoon. i
usually walk in with one thing in mind, and come out with many
surprises. because i have no other subjects lately, here's what i came
away with this time:

#1 - a great ending. i know i'm quite a bit behind the curve here, but
with the vertigo books i've always preferred to just read the trades,
and i'm not always able to get them right away. i was sad to see sandman
and preacher end, but man, it was even worse to with transmet. the
ending was perfect, but some stories are just so damn good that no
matter how long they are, you always want more.

#2 - it's about how they tracked down and killed pablo escobar. you
know, something eminently relevant to my life in the midwest. but hey,
it was on my list of books to read, and it was $5 in the bargain racks
(which are a gold mine, i tell you! ... or a money trap, i haven't

#3 - adbusters never disappoints, but one day i'd like an answer to this
question: "why does an anti-capitalist magazine cost $8 per issue?" i
expect it's probably because they don't accept ads. but then, if they're
on the racks of my local barnes and noble, they've got to have pretty
high distribution...

#4 - "ohmygod it is vash the stampede!!! trouble seems to follow him
wherever he goes!!! awwwwwww!!!" i love trigun, in anime and manga form.
but god, it's hard learning to read right-to-left, and i'll never know
what all the sound effects are, because those didn't get translated. bah
with the complaining; at least the manga is finally available in this

3rd Aug 2004, 00:53   comments (1)

old wounds.

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my left hand. the round scar an inch and a quarter behind the index
finger's first knuckle is the remains of my stepdad's cigarette burn. he
always claimed it was an accident, but i know the truth and i know he
lied. one day this will come back to him.

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he plans.

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here i have obviously interrupted kitty's early-morning bird stalking
activities. he is perturbed.

28th Jul 2004, 04:04   comments (1)


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indeed i am, though it's been a little while since i posted anything.
there's not been much to say in pictures of late.

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toilet grunge.

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bizarre, dingy, and exactly as i found it. i have no idea what happened

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the view downward.

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tomorrow is my birthday. this, meanwhile, is today. fun fact: behind the
large black bay door in the upper right, there's a gigantic likeness of
gerald ford's head. i speak the truth.

18th Jul 2004, 02:40   comments (6)