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the showplace west 12. cue the angelic choir.

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oh how i do love this theater. it is an absolute shrine to films and the
moviegoing experience. stadium seating so no one ever blocks your view;
frosty a/c; huge comfortable chairs with built-in cupholders in each
armrest; 12 big screens, each with full digital sound; a monstrous front
lobby complete with an arcade and a miles-long concession stand... the
biggest new releases come here, and they shouldn't be seen any other
way. absolutely perfect from top to bottom, despite the vaguely fascist
black and red draperies on the walls.

this is right before anchorman was starting, and as soon as that was
over i walked out and then walked right back in the front door to buy a
ticket for spider man 2. wish i'd gotten more pics of the place, but i'm
sure i'll go back there soon.

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found in the bizarro deli near my office, this stuff tasted like a
"you'll like it, it's good for you!" version of kellogg's corn pops. not
altogether bad, but not decadently, sugar-death GOOD either. the
packaging amused the hell out of me; it borders on engrish. interesting
that the ship seems to be the one doing all the thinking...

also: hahaha, "booty."

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a miscellany of today.

* we have messieurs hasselhoff et coleman, and their fantastical talking
* we have a lesser-known hopper, from a calendar (my attempt to inject
style into the workplace).
* someone who's too intelligent to find this sign humorous is having a
birthday she likely doesn't want to be reminded of.
* osama bin billy's shirt reads "i [heart] cookies," because that
contrasted well with his newfound villainy. grafitti by me, because we
hates the family circus, yes precious, we hates it... (the original
caption is baffling: "Good Morning, everybody! Or afternoon, I can't
tell time yet!" ages ago, someone thought that was gut-wrenchingly funny
enough to cut out of the paper and tape to the door of an office. for
its stupidity it was promptly modified in the manner seen here.)
* wrapping it up, we have illinois from the window of a speeding motorcar.

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filthy monkey.

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apologies to warren for copying his thing. the dvd of 28 Days Later, a
pair of laser levels, and the need to entertain myself in a time of
great boredom have led to this.

"the filthy monkeys... they're in-FEC-ted!!!" "infected with what?!"
"... planning... pure PLANNING!"

when i wake up in the morning i will think this has all been very
stupid. right now, however - after midnight when pepsi is fueling my
stay-up-past-bedtime - it makes absolute perfect and total sense.

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these are all from yesterday's generally grey attitude.

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who's your daddy?!?!

ahh... so much fun from such a relatively simple machine. they truly
don't make them like this anymore.

1) hey playstation: when 20 years old you are, look this good you will
not, hmmph!

2) today's hottest new first-person shooter: "Kitty-Zapper Xtreme." (in
japan it is known as "GO GO KITTY FIGHT LOVE PANIC!")

3) k-TANG! k-TANG! "it makes the clicky-clicky sound!"

4) even kitty agrees: the NES is hardcore.

5) wicked child.

6) but of course!

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keep on rockin' in the free world.

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the first pic is blurry, but it's the very end of Fahrenheit 9/11's
credit roll. it says "DO SOMETHING. www.michaelmoore.com"
second is the poster outside the theater. i dislike that my reflection
got in the shot, i try not to do that. oh well it was a quick snap and
these things happen.

first showing. packed house at 1pm on a friday. all ages well
represented, from very young to very old. a standing ovation at the end.
renewed pride in and hope for my country. it really isn't all that
hopeless; there really are a lot of people willing to indeed DO SOMETHING.

(btw: Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" is the song playing over
the end credits. the soundtrack on this movie is fantastic.)

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