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from time to time there will be cat pictures. i make no apologies for
this; it is unavoidable.

16th Jun 2004, 00:06   comments (6)

Governor "Hot" Rod Blagojevich - Portrait of a Bastard

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this is governor rod blagojevich. code name: "Hot Rod." this is also the
opinion of the vast majority of state employees, regarding our fearless
leader. in the top right corner is what he wants to do to me and
thousands of other people who are already living paycheck-to-paycheck.

taken from the door of the break room at work. artist unknown.

15th Jun 2004, 04:05   comments (2)

the bowels of the motor inn

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the squalor really doesn't show up well here. for that i apologize, and
i'll try to do better in a future attempt. at any rate, this filthy pit
is where i am "valet" parked every day. i say valet in quotes because of
the two guys working at this shithole, one is a child molester (verified
via my work) and the other never talks and seems to be criminally
insane. the building is god-knows-how-ancient, and literally infested
with pigeons. the feathers, droppings, and broken eggs carpet the floor
of the upper level where the cars are parked during the day, as well as
the area i've come to refer to as "the dungeon." it's a half-basement
area, where the pigeon shit is crusted an inch deep or more in the
corners, and all manner of discarded tools, benches, and shop materials
are quietly rusting away in the darkness. the only light comes from the
fluoro tube pictured here, and through some broken windows. there are
old tires, a row of theater seats, old metal signs, some type of small
car under the pictured tarp, and an active population of both airborne
and terrestrial vermin. i have to step on broken pigeon eggs to get into
my car. more than one thing is dead and decaying in some corner or
behind some debris. the stench is utterly, horrifically, unbelievable.

for the privelege of enduring this toxic waste dump i pay four dollars a

15th Jun 2004, 03:19   comments (0)

paris never comes here.

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the springfield hilton, from the fire escape of my office. an unusually
phallic design.

13th Jun 2004, 00:20   comments (0)

the cardboard people

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from work. they're a total mystery, their creator never came forward.
people would find these in a stairwell window every other day and my
desk became a dropoff location for them. they are maddeningly without

this is a partial view; the full lineup was impossible to fit
into a single picture.

13th Jun 2004, 00:14   comments (0)

lens flare yadda yadda

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interesting bit of lens flare i stumbled upon. hello moto.

note: not photoshopped.
12th Jun 2004, 04:39   comments (0)

the obligatory cat picture

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right, that's out of the way. let's do something else now.

12th Jun 2004, 04:10   comments (0)

The Cheesecake Factory

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this is the first pic i took with the phone, from a nondescript
starbuck's counter in barnes and noble. face to the wall, back to the
people; in my own very little world.

12th Jun 2004, 03:20   comments (0)
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