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save ferris

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went along to outdoor screening of ferris bueller last night. the best bit was definitely just before the ferrari-through-the-window scene, when loads of people in the audience shouted 'come on cameron!' before he started kicking the car, and then everyone cheered at the really cheesy bit just after when he decides he's not going to put up with his rubbish parents anymore.

classic stuff.
24th Jul 2006, 19:16   comments (4)


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a couple of pics from a recent trip to the seaside

it was a really lovely day, and the sea looked almost tropical. but sadly it wasn't, so we had a giant crepe instead.
27th Jun 2006, 23:05   comments (5)

blackadder - every last one!

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i'm very excited by my new purchase!
27th Jun 2006, 22:54   comments (8)


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Aidan wasn't the only one who had a run in with the cops early this morning. We woke up to find that someone had climbed up our drainpipe to get into our bathroom, stolen lots of food and beer and ransacked a bedroom and thrown plastic bags all over our kitchen floor. Thankfully the list of half-inched goods reads more like a sainsburys shopping list, and we only lost the equivalent of about £20 of stuff, but it's a bit unnerving all the same...
20th Jun 2006, 13:41   comments (9)


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oh dear. i forgot to water my herbs this week. not going to be making salad with this rocket any time soon...
11th Jun 2006, 23:28   comments (1)


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48?! 48?! Who buys 48 kit kat chunkys in the hope of getting in to the BB house?
20th May 2006, 22:47   comments (3)


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Silaja just found a giant mango chilli flavoured heart shaped crisp in her bag of kettles. we're going to put it on ebay...
18th May 2006, 13:47   comments (4)

just delivered

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hmmm, i wonder what this could be?!
18th May 2006, 10:59   comments (23)