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the masterplan

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woodberry down estate is being demolished and rebuilt over the next 20 years. my flatmate went to one of the information days and got lots of leaflets and plans for what it will look like when everything is finished. the building opposite our house is the next one to be attacked by the bulldozers, apparently.

quite exciting, really, although I was disappointed to find out i'd missed the Woodberry Down Fun Day, 'celebrating the community' before half of the 'community' got re-housed cos their houses were being demolished...
3rd Mar 2006, 11:10   comments (3)

No sex please, we're the BBC

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19th Jan 2006, 14:31   comments (15)

alex best - not looking quite so good these days...

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7th Nov 2005, 13:13   comments (2)

empty glass

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i had far too much to drink last night. and now i feel rubbish. urgh.
26th Oct 2005, 10:43   comments (4)

Not Quite Airwolf

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At the Bristol Industrial Museum. It was on the first floor of quite a small building and we did wonder how they managed to get it (and a jet engine) up the tiny staircase...
18th Oct 2005, 15:36   comments (3)

you shoulda seen the other guy...

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3rd Oct 2005, 17:00   comments (5)

at the Foreign Office

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even politicans have to be careful about nasty red wine stains...
19th Sep 2005, 11:09   comments (6)


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this has randomly appeared outside our office, and no one seems to know why. pretty cool, though.
14th Sep 2005, 10:24   comments (11)