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big mirror thingy

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i'm in a car park. if only i had a car...
12th Apr 2005, 09:46   comments (7)

exterminate. exterminate.

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giant dalek in a shop window near my office. the other window had a really tiny dalek, but obviously this one was much more impressive.
1st Apr 2005, 11:09   comments (1)


(viewed 770 times)
went rowing on the lake in finsbury park yesterday and saw some cute lil ducks.


we also saw a terapin. they're really vicious, apparently.
29th Mar 2005, 11:02   comments (8)


(viewed 806 times)

do you think someone was interrupted while writing 'end the occupation', or they just really hate The OC..?

2nd Mar 2005, 09:53   comments (8)


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24th Feb 2005, 13:56   comments (5)

we're going on a wool hunt...

(viewed 756 times)

i was in exeter yesterday for a work thing. didn't find any wool though. or sheep, for that matter...
15th Feb 2005, 13:11   comments (1)

party at the... bank?

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i got an invitation for the opening of a bank. got to get down there for the free truffles and champagne, methinks...
11th Feb 2005, 16:03   comments (7)

timmy breaks freeview box

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well, actually it was kel that broke it but we cunningly blamed the monkey.

think we might have got away with it...
7th Feb 2005, 10:31   comments (4)