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Sony Ericsson K700i

by k700i

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Sony Ericsson K700i Camera Phone Review

(viewed 6222 times)
Backlit office table tennis..
10th Aug 2004, 00:00   comments (1)

panorama - again

(viewed 3637 times)
Recycle, recycle, recycle :: Coffee and cake for three, please.
8th Aug 2004, 20:21   comments (2)

more low light

(viewed 3839 times)
The camera seems to be doing a reasonable job here. night mode is OFF, and the last shot is using the little photo light led thingy.
8th Aug 2004, 20:06   comments (0)

low light, night mode on

(viewed 3453 times)
Yuck! Noisy. I prefer the shot below, with the attempt at brightening firmly OFF.
8th Aug 2004, 20:05   comments (0)

low light, night mode off

(viewed 3328 times)

8th Aug 2004, 20:04   comments (0)


(viewed 3780 times)
A nice feature is that you can apply any of the camera special effects
to video clips. See here my old school sepia-tone video test. It's 3gp
video format.

8th Aug 2004, 19:14   comments (0)

more panorama

(viewed 3861 times)
This shot shows the image blending effect quite clearly at the top, but
it generally seems to do a good job of stitching things together.

8th Aug 2004, 18:41   comments (3)


(viewed 4050 times)
Woo! Now this is pretty neat. Panorama mode allows you to stitch three images together to form one big one. You take your first shot as normal, the phone then overlays the edge of the first shot over the viewfinder to allow for easy alignment, and you progress until the third, whereupon the stiching magic is worked and the composite created. It's pretty good, as long as you spend a little time lining them up, and I suspect some nice effects could be created if you didn't line things up. I'm going to go and try that right after sending this mail, I think.
8th Aug 2004, 18:27   comments (0)
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