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Sony Ericsson K700i

by k700i

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On the side of the phone there is an up/down switch which controls volume etc. In camera mode it allows a certain amount of exposure adjustment. To me this looks like white balance being changed here, rather than an apature/exposure time adjustment. Shots are in black and white mode so the colours don't distract from the exposure.

The image exposed at 'normal' setting is posted here, these four range from max white (top) to min white (bottom)
8th Aug 2004, 18:21   comments (0)

special fx 2

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Rich also demostrates the 'frames' feature here, which allows you to place a number of pre-drawn borders around images - the viewfinder changes to reflect the border, so framing is nice and easy. There's quite a selection to choose from, I'll post a few more later on.
8th Aug 2004, 18:05   comments (0)

special fx 1

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The K700i has all the special effects I'd expect from an SE phone - sepia tone, black and white and negative colour. There are also two new effects - solarize and panorama. More about panorama in another post, but here are a few shots from the other effects.
8th Aug 2004, 18:04   comments (1)

sun test

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Not so good, but I wouldn't expect anything less from a cheap CCD. The sun is very bright and all. Quite a nice lens flare on the first shot though.
8th Aug 2004, 17:43   comments (0)


The box claims a 4X digital zoom* is available, but this is a little misleading - the zoom is only available at certain camera settings. At maximum (normal and extended) resolution, there is no zoom function. At medium size (320x240) there is a 2X zoom, and right down at 160x120, the 4X zoom is finally selectable. However, this isn't actually a zoom, it's more a pre-cropping feature. Bad Sony Ericsson, leading us on like that.

These images are various levels of zoom at both 320x240 and 160x120. Note the underexposure at maximum zoon - the area being photographed was considerably darker than the ambient light. I've heard that the upcoming S700 has a better exposure calculation system (spot metering in a phone!), but the k700 is showing it's limits here. There is a white balance/exposureish adjustment, some shots of that to come later.
8th Aug 2004, 16:45   comments (0)

image sizes

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Here we see the same shot taken at all the sizes the k700 has to offer - extended mode (1280x960, 1.2megapixel emulation); 640x480; 320x240 and 120x160. The extended mode image is surprisingly high quality, considering. If you really wanted bigger images, it would probably be better to shoot the image at vga resolution and resize up in Photoshop later.

Don't forget you can view each image at it's original resolution with the link below it..
8th Aug 2004, 16:24   comments (0)

It's got a little light for the camera

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These are pretty close range, but it seems to do a fairly good job. Wouldn't fancy using it at further than about a metre or so, but I reckon it'll be handy for finding dropped things in the dark if nothing else.
7th Aug 2004, 20:30   comments (6)

Focal range test

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7th Aug 2004, 20:17   comments (0)