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there are many interesting things to see if you open your eyes to them. especially if you live in a place like london.

it hasn't rained any frogs here yet, but apart from that so much stuff that i see every day is worth documenting, might it just be for myself.

here is the place.




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No comment. Just nice.

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28th Oct 2007, 17:33   comments (1)

Stokey wall

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28th Oct 2007, 17:30   comments (1)


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28th Oct 2007, 16:54   comments (0)

bloody hell! we got burgled...

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baaah... last week we got burgled. bastards.

stole a bunch of stuff. secure your doors people. no joke.

it happened in the middle of the week between 2 and 3pm.

the coppers reckon that they are junkies and if they can get into a house they just knock on doors. if nobody opens, they kick in the door and grab anything valuable and easy to move... and its not only junkies apparently. there are supposed to be gangs of kids who break in for a thrill and they are only after laptops.

cops came around at midday next day and said they where already 8 burglaries since they started their shift. tower
hamlets has a huge drug problem and an accordingly high rate of burglaries. i read somewhere that there is a burglary every 37 seconds somewhere in britain, most of them in the big cities.

the imac i'm writing this on is now chained to the table. laptop will be hidden well whenever i go out. we got a new stronger door and new stronger locks.

keep it save. get a kickstopper on your door and an insurance.
21st Oct 2007, 13:19   comments (2)

Iron man. The suit.

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14th Oct 2007, 16:00   comments (2)

Iron man. The movie is out 8th may 2008

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14th Oct 2007, 15:04   comments (2)

I know its old, but i always liked it

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14th Oct 2007, 13:58   comments (1)

Very suave car in bethnal green

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14th Oct 2007, 13:57   comments (0)