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This is London, not Antartica, so why don't the tubes run all night,
You are my Girlfriend, not Molly Ringwald, so why won't you stay here tonight,
This is sixth form poetry not Keats or Yeats, and now we find the part that we both hate.

We love the city because it lets us down, We love the city NOT the suburbs that surround.
We love all the dirty things, that lead us to think, that maybe true love could be found.
We love the city because its how we live, We love the city cause it never loves us back.
We love it all because sometimes, even though they're hard to find, it contains all the virtues we lack.

(Hefner "We Love The City")

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The force is strong with this one.

I hope Luke doesn't mind, but I stole this pic of him from his website ( because I wanted to document how brave he is despite all the shit he's going through right now. And I would have taken a photo of him myself, but still no phone...
10th Mar 2006, 15:00   comments (7)


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tef let me borrow his phone while we were at City Hall last Sunday.

Feels a bit like you're floating!
10th Mar 2006, 12:46   | tags:,,comments (0)

scary, yet cool

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I've accepted an offer on my mum's house. Now I guess I just have to see what happens next...

It's sort of sad, as I grew up there, but at the same time I can't really keep it on, sitting there empty. And I don't have any desire to move back there by myself.

(copyright of photo Connells Estate Agents, but then again it's my house :) )
2nd Mar 2006, 19:13   comments (12)

*giggles nervously*

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I'm giving this dj-ing lark another go next month. Have absolutely no
technical skills whatsover, but last time was a sure to come along if you're in the area!

Kill The Pets

For teflon

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I'm at work today. I was at work yesterday. And for four days before that. And I'll be at work tomorrow too. I'm hungry!

Someone mentioned baking.... ;)
5th Feb 2006, 17:34   comments (0)

It's meant to be my unofficial birthday

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... But everyone else thinks it's Christmas.

Morocco, part four

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The best thing about the trip (apart from the two days of sunshine!) was undoubtedly the food.... the bottom pic was what I had instead of birthday cake.

Morocco, part three

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1) the sun finally came out for my birthday! yay!

2) the beach. On the hillside is an phrase spelled out in stones - 'Allah -King- Nation' according to the guide book.
31st Jan 2006, 16:33   | tags:,,comments (1)