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This is London, not Antartica, so why don't the tubes run all night,
You are my Girlfriend, not Molly Ringwald, so why won't you stay here tonight,
This is sixth form poetry not Keats or Yeats, and now we find the part that we both hate.

We love the city because it lets us down, We love the city NOT the suburbs that surround.
We love all the dirty things, that lead us to think, that maybe true love could be found.
We love the city because its how we live, We love the city cause it never loves us back.
We love it all because sometimes, even though they're hard to find, it contains all the virtues we lack.

(Hefner "We Love The City")

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Cats like shakespeare

(viewed 1151 times)
I can't write my essay, the cat's sleeping on the complete works of shakespeare.
14th Jun 2004, 15:38   comments (1)

Tequila baby!

(viewed 1111 times)
(bit dark this, sorry)
My mate Adi recently returned from Mexico with lots of nice foodstuffs. Including tequila....
14th Jun 2004, 15:23   comments (2)

Magic Dave

(viewed 1225 times)
I've been working here nearly a month now and I'm yet to meet him.
10th Jun 2004, 16:07   comments (4)

Decisions, decisions

(viewed 1146 times)
For the first time in my life I'm a floating voter (this is what happens when the GLA lumps your constituency in with a Tory stronghold but you just can't bring yourself to vote Labour...).
And I just found out I have another vote on top of the 5 I already have as there's a council by election happening too round my way... ah, fuck it, as long as I do my bit for democracy, keep the BNP out etc...
10th Jun 2004, 15:22   comments (0)

There's no option but to resort to...

(viewed 1165 times)
Buttons! Chocolate ones! mmmm....
9th Jun 2004, 20:08   comments (5)

Work does indeed suck

(viewed 1002 times)
Possibly the most boring and depressing debate ever. Don't these people have other things that they want to talk about at half 7 on a Wednesday evening?
9th Jun 2004, 19:24   comments (0)


(viewed 998 times)
I've decided the only way to survive the next 2 months of captioning is to broaden my reading habits (being an english lit student and all). Any suggestions?
9th Jun 2004, 18:19   comments (2)


(viewed 1200 times)
My lovely confused looking boyfriend, who's off to saunter round America for 2 weeks, lucky git.
7th Jun 2004, 17:22   comments (2)