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"androgyny" shoot

styling, make-up and photography by me
18th Mar 2010, 20:42   comments (0)

"good luck and break a leg"

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isn't this the most annoying and futile sayin in the world? it's like smiling at someone then suddenly punchin em in face
17th Mar 2010, 12:05   comments (1)

he's watching you

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16th Mar 2010, 09:41   comments (0)

another experment

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9th Mar 2010, 12:00   comments (0)

the all seeing eye

(viewed 451 times)
an idea for a project
9th Mar 2010, 10:41   comments (0)

insomnia investigated

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8th Mar 2010, 20:59   comments (0)


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come aross some passed out fatty at leeds fest and thought it wa hilarious
26th Feb 2010, 13:09   comments (2)

photography and make-up

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there are a series of these yet to be edited
22nd Feb 2010, 23:25   comments (0)