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stitched illustration

discord project, mask type pieces


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youth culture

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apparantly it's not about goin out for the music anymore, it's about goin out to see how fucked you can get. common knowledge.
23rd Jan 2010, 05:22   comments (7)

am i allowed to blog this?

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maybe not, but i like how this photo shows the honesty of youth culture in todays society.

roll it, twist, spark it up

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portrait of a mate
23rd Jan 2010, 05:04   | tags:comments (0)

photography / video installation piece

an installation piece i did on people's mental states. edited on imovie then transferred onto video tape for the 'crackling' authenticity. slow moving images with saddening and disheartening music (digital suicide by hearts revolution) then all off a sudden changed, fast images accompanied with some heavy hardcore screamo (i cant remember the band / song.) the reactions i got off people from watchin the video were fuckin mint haha unexpected. the images of the girl pressing on the screen are to represent the feeling of trying to escape / being trapped people with mental disorders must feel, the ones that half know whats going on anyway. a shunt laugh but haha fuck it tara

stitched from a photograph i took

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needs tidying up, fancied doin this as a huge wall hangin, n a mean massive


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my 'muse' haha
23rd Jan 2010, 01:53   | tags:comments (0)