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Selection of branded print outcomes

(viewed 400 times)
Maybe not so clear, but a group of branded papers. A letterhead, business card and compliment slip. It is for a courier service, I will eventually replace this with the individual pages in both developed styles I produced. Would love some comments or some feedback!
6th Oct 2010, 11:54   comments (0)

Post-modernist poster update

(viewed 880 times)
This is my update to the post-modern poster. This was submitted in my last term last academic year, will probably be the final. It is a bridge between my developing styles in design, what are peoples thoughts? Note - it is in a print state, a little too much brightness on screen? =/
6th Oct 2010, 11:44   comments (0)

Channel Squeak

(viewed 473 times)
This is a small 10 second mock-up of a clip for a t.v ident. We were briefed to come up with a look for a 24 hour chat-show channel. I would have liked to produced this using flash, the movements and familiar feel revolving around modern chat interfaces would be present and have similar effects, including sound :)
6th Oct 2010, 11:35   comments (0)

Post-modernist typography layout and hierarchy conversion project

(viewed 2424 times)
Post-modernism research and presentation. Ended up using David Carson for some extra inspiration. I hope I have quoted him well enough :) what do people think? anyone who has seen my work before will see the Urban/Decaying feel I was given to explore last term..comment please ! Will fix a few things in the composition at some time :)
16th Jan 2010, 17:50   comments (0)

Image Character Final

(viewed 513 times)
We had to display our character portraits in large scale in wall space. I have been spread over 27 sheets, also included suggestions of who the character was through icons, objects dotted about into the composition etc. shame we missed the deadline cos of bloody awful slow laser printer in our department! other than that, pleased with it. What do people think?
11th Nov 2009, 16:27   comments (0)

Image Character

(viewed 519 times)
A short term project working in pairs to present a character - 'mean spirited, clever but untrustworthy, indifferent to the needs of others'.
11th Nov 2009, 16:19   comments (2)

Dynamic layout

(viewed 552 times)
I have tried to make this dynamic and assertive through the aesthetics and expressive quality of the layout in this piece. I have still got some time to work on this, but was wondering what everyone thought? does it work, and do you find yourself drawn around the image? feedback would be lovely! ^^
5th Oct 2009, 18:10   comments (0)

our initial project when we arrived at UWIC

(viewed 697 times)
We had to display the campus on some form of map, using any means to convey the buildings and surroundings. In a group, we decided to focus the idea towards students and teachers - who we figured would all be familiar with Pacman (iconic!)
2nd Oct 2009, 13:21   comments (3)
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