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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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12th Oct 2006, 00:29   comments (1)

The death of the English language

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How many people must have seen this before it went to print? I checked the text, company name, hoping against hope it was a (not particularly good) play on words. Nothing.

Am I missing something?

10th Oct 2006, 20:06   | tags:,,comments (16)

The hair!

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7th Oct 2006, 01:16   comments (9)

Happy birthday to me!

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My present I bought me. Weee! Actually I treated myself to a variety of outings over the next couple of months. Next week is Doug Stanhope at the Soho Theatre. Woot! November is Dresden Dolls and Imogen Heap at the Roundhouse. December is Nightmare before Xmas (ATP event) at a Butlins, which should be mental. Then off to the states as usual for xmas. Oooh yes,a good couple of months.

Got to have something to take my mind off the misery that is existence...
4th Oct 2006, 16:59   comments (5)

Birthday dinner

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My birthday dinner :-)

I kept it low key (as I have loads of work to do tomorrow, so no crazy drinking) so Charlotte and Rose are over for a tasty treat.

First up, new potatoes with parsley and butter, green salad with avocado, and my new specialty, parmesan and herb encrusted chicken schnitzels.

Desert was a selection of pastries from Paul, including my earlier faves plus raspberry and strawberry cake with marzipan topping and cream and omg sooooo tasty.

And this really intersting German champagne Charlotte has found -- light, sweet and peachy. Later I'm gonna make Bellinis.

So yay! Happy Birthday to me :-)
23rd Sep 2006, 20:09   | tags:,,,comments (8)

Cutting edge technology

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We like to keep our libraries on the forefront of new tech in the council I work for :-)

You know, I think this is the first time I've seen an actual typewriter for years....
23rd Sep 2006, 14:27   | tags:,,comments (4)


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22nd Sep 2006, 16:04   comments (2)

Sweeet patisserie of green...

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Curse Canary Wharf. They now have a branch of Paul, fantabulous French Patisserie (and Boulangerie! I had some amazing black olive bread the other day too...)

The green pie in the bottom picture is a Pistachio macaroon. OMG. So good. And pistachio-ey. And creamy. OMG again.
13th Sep 2006, 21:05   | tags:,,comments (3)