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Oh yeah. The air guitar will be rockin' oout in da house tonight!!!

Man this game is mental. Joe upstairs has it too, so later...dual air guitar battle!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!
20th Apr 2006, 18:50   | tags:,,comments (14)

Another champagne cocktail

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This is Creme de Peche (peach liquer) with the last of the Veuve. Rose managed to keep the layers seperate, which would have been easier to see if they weren't both approximately the same colour :-)

Also, see here, for meta blogging action...
15th Apr 2006, 23:52   | tags:,,comments (6)


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OK. So I think I've now outdone myself. Alf and teh Rose came over for dinner etc this evening, so I thought I'd pull out all the stops.

Main course: That is mange tout and sugar snap peas, pan fried new potatoes and red onions, and medium rare kangaroo steak, which is one of the lightest, leanest tastiest steaks you can find. Accompanied by Mojitos.

Desert: That's Stem Ginger icecream with bitter chocolate chunks, with a drizzle of passion fruit and ginger sauce, accompanied by champagne cocktails (Veuve Cliquot and a lovley French creme de framboise)

Classy, huh?

Quotes from the siblings as to the taste sensations:

"the champagne cocktail goes 'boofsh' in your mouth" - Alf

""a tingle that follows a freeze that arrests your taste buds" - speaking of the icecream, Rosa

"Just bloody lovely" - Me.

I am so down with this cooking thing.

Very nice pots

(viewed 1740 times)
Saw these in Canary Wharf (there's some others on Alf's page) Very nice pots. I may actually phone the artist and see what they go for. I like the gas container one...they have more details on the interior of the pots as well.
15th Apr 2006, 17:30   | tags:,,comments (10)

Dinner blogging...again...and again

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I think it's the new plates that are tempting me into cooking so much...

So, the menu for this evening, which I cooked fo rme 'n Rose:

Wild boar and apple burgers, mashed new potatoes with milk & butter, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and some lovely baby carrots with a sesame oil drizzle. Mmm. Then I made some green tea icecream for afters. And a lovely bottle of wine.

Top class.
14th Apr 2006, 22:12   | tags:,comments (14)

New pocky like yumminess..

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Got a new delivery of delelctable Japanese snack delights the ohter day, and this was the first to be opened. Fran is a knock off of the Master Of All Snacks, Pocky, and does it's job remarkably well. This is Green Tea and Macadamia Nut. Yum.
10th Apr 2006, 13:38   | tags:,,comments (7)

Eeek! Monkeys. Is this art?

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Went to the opening night of a show curated by my friend Ken, with art by another friend. First thing near the door? Monkeys. I think Ken knows me too well to exploit my fear like that :-)

I do love Jemima's art stuff though. It's just plain freaky. I love the sinister Maypole with the heads inside, and the slumped over person on the floor. I forgot to get some shots of her wallpaper, which from a distance looks perfectly fine, but on closer inspection is full of sinister looking slightly malformed people.

Woo! For art. Plus there was caraway seed vodka to drink and caviar to eat, Class. (not that I'm that fond of stinky fish eggs, but it's the thought...)
9th Apr 2006, 19:57   | tags:,,,comments (7)


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Really been hit with the cooking thang recently...

And I think I've outdone myself today. Roast lamb with redcurrant sauce, crushed new potatoes with pepper and olive oil, sprouting broccoli and green beans and roast parsnips with honey mustard marinade...


I even bought a new set of plates...
9th Apr 2006, 19:25   | tags:,,,comments (7)