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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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I'm getting alarmingly good at making these. Any excuse, quite frankly.


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As opposed to the usual boring vodka.
5th Jul 2005, 15:58   | tags:,comments (6)

Weirdest game sequence ever

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So your main character needs to get inside some mansion and rescue one of his mates from the evil Don Corneo, who makes a habit of abducting girls and forcing them to join his harem. SO your character decides the best way to infilitrate is to cross dress. Cue a whole sequence of wandering aorund getting items to dress up in. The scenes here take place at the 'Honey Bee' Inn, the local pr0n palace and whore house, where after a difficult decision, our hero finds himself in a room full of bouncing mustachioed gayers, who proceed to get him into a bath (cue disturbing dialogue)
After our hero flees the room in terror, one of the big fellas comments 'daddy gets so lonely'.

I love video games :-)
5th Jul 2005, 11:51   | tags:,comments (19)

Lazy dinner

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You can order this shit right off the internet so you don't even have to talk to people over the phone. Result.
2nd Jul 2005, 22:58   | tags:comments (6)


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You are on video!
2nd Jul 2005, 19:16   | tags:comments (0)


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My dotty grandmother on her 85th birthday. With cake.
1st Jul 2005, 22:48   comments (3)


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Saturday morning at the town hall, idle hands make things to amuse children
1st Jul 2005, 22:44   comments (4)

Spooky stairs

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Down, down, down...
1st Jul 2005, 22:40   | tags:,comments (4)