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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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As opposed to fuck off then?
17th Jun 2005, 22:32   | tags:comments (9)

Mr P and some of his fab art

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I SO want those fucking zombie pictures. They rock.

And the mad little seventies cat statue is also pretty cool actually.
17th Jun 2005, 22:24   | tags:,comments (3)


(viewed 1215 times)
Indeed it does...
16th Jun 2005, 19:26   | tags:comments (6)

Oh ffs

(viewed 1522 times)
Spelling! I mean, c'mon!
16th Jun 2005, 19:24   | tags:,comments (14)

Dinner bloggin'

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Tapas again! I can't help myself, I love lots of little different things to eat. I'm addicted to finger food *sigh*

Tonight's is a basil, tomato and mozarella salad in a nice organic balsamic vinegar, accompanied by little lamb and chorizo pasties, plus marinated artichoke hearts adn my favourite olives (feta stuffed) and the obligatory cheese chunks. Jaarlsberg tonight : D

15th Jun 2005, 18:29   | tags:comments (6)

Work fridge

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Dave likes tuna fish. I like peanut butter. The milk is off. There's a bottle of vodka. Donuts.

Odd work fridge, ne?
15th Jun 2005, 14:08   | tags:comments (5)


(viewed 1944 times)
Every home should have one :-)
15th Jun 2005, 13:58   | tags:,comments (11)


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Fridgeblogging :-)

Judging from the contents of my fridge, you may think I exist mainly on tapas. You wouldn't be far wrong. Bottom right is the drawer full of cheese. Left is salad. What you can't see on the top shelf is the selection of syrups (hershey's, raspberry, maple, blueberry, hershey's malt and some grape jelly...mmm, pancakes)

Also included shot of tea/coffee shelf.

Yay for food!
14th Jun 2005, 22:24   | tags:comments (9)