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It's the weekend, so time to cook! It's been ages since I've had a good old Toad in the Hole, so I gave it a try. First off, to be really fancy, i wrapped the suasages (nice herby organic chipolatas) with streaky bacon, then baked them for 15 mins or so in the oven, Then, I actually made the yorkshire pudding batte from scratch. Go me. Then mix it all together, into the oven it goes. Bake bake bake, mmmmmm.

Doesn't that look brilliant? Onto a plate, mash and peas, smother it in gravy (beef, onion and mushroom) - see, British food CAN be excellent. I really hate this world wide perception that British food is rubbish - we have some fantastic ingredients, quality meats, and traditional dishes that are just delightful. And delicious.

Fattening though...the British traditional does tend to lean towards 'hearty' :-) I just need someone to buy me a good oven proof casserol dish, then I'm moving on to stews and dumnplings. I like this cooking lark.
20th Jan 2007, 20:05   | tags:,,comments (1)

And this was dessert

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The lovely Kim baked me a pumpkin pie (yum) I whipped the cream up all special like and added a drop (or three) of whiskey. Decadent.
6th Jan 2007, 12:36   | tags:,,comments (4)


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Gosh, it's been a while since I've posted a dinner blog...and I've been cooking up a storm lately. This was a particularly good one too. Layer of bolognese (lots n lots of mushrooms mmmm) layer of gnocchi instead of pasta, another layer of bolognese, grated mature cheddar, layer of cheese sauce, grated mozzarella, bang in the ovening for 40 mins or so.

Rose and I almost couldn't stop eating this one (2 bowls each and I could have eaten more, but we made ourselves stop and had dessert instead.) I am sold on this baking things in one big dish thing.

I do love cooking.
6th Jan 2007, 12:25   | tags:,comments (0)


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...and family. Wahey for xmas.

The 3 bird roast was an unqualified success! Goose/chicken/pheasant, all together with stuffing etc. 'Twas very fine. Alf outdid himself, and his roast potatoes and honey/mustard parsnips - woa.

Very very full now...
25th Dec 2006, 17:08   comments (1)

The only thing I like about Xmas...

(viewed 1059 times) the food. Me, the Alfredo and our lovely mum went to Borough Market today to get some food in :-)

Alf at the top has in one hand a nice traditional holly wreath for the house, and in the other, our 3 bird roast. A goose, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a pheasant. Woa mama.

Middle picture? Mistletoe! We didn't get any as we didn't want to have to snog on Xmas day :-)

The rest of the delights of Borough market are too numerous to go into, but I did come away with some amazing cheeses, 3 bags of fresh ground coffee of various types, freshly made field mushroom pate and some olive oil with tangerine, which tasted amazing and I can't wait to try it with fish.

Still be glad when this Xmas thing is over and done with though...
22nd Dec 2006, 17:22   comments (7)

Hey! The sea!

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These pictures cannot adequately convey how incredibly cold it was or how fast the wind was moving, pelting us with sand hurled into our faces at incredibly fast velocities.

Still, it was nice to be beside the seaside :-)
12th Dec 2006, 18:49   | tags:,,comments (1)

Welcome to sunny Minehead

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Can you feel the love?

Welcome to Butlins

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Butlins, land of scary plastic ornamentation, giant bears, all the bingo machines in the land, no real coffee, and 6000 alternative music fans.
A strange strange weekend indeed, catching Iggy Pop and other assorted bands in the last bastion of post WWII era British holidays for those who can't really afford holidays. Old military type accomodation, no vegetables in sight in any of the 'eateries' (the main restaurant on site described itself as a 'food servery', so naturally we didn't eat there) not a glass of decent wine to be found, and the psychic miasma of generations of desperate holiday makers steeped into the very ground...

And those slaughtered and stuffed hanging reindeer disturbed us all weekend.