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And yet again, more Hallowe'en...

1) She-ra and Catra
2) Me, Sam and David
3) Joe, Sam, Billy
4) Sam and David, ready to go home!
6th Nov 2007, 01:52   comments (1)

Hallowee'en again...

(viewed 655 times)
1) Nathalie as a cheerleader!!!
2) NAds and Claire from the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
3) Marilyn Monroe, Geisha girl and Vamp lady
4) Amanda and Alex as Mary and Joseph, plus the MacWong zygote plays Jesus
6th Nov 2007, 01:50   comments (1)

Halloween Party!

(viewed 592 times)
I held a hallowe'en party on Friday. It was a bit of a tight squeeze at some points trying to fit 30+ people into my apartment, and there was an impromptu visit from the police for the noise violation (oops). Couple that with the EVIL cocktail I made, and I'd say it was a bloody successful evening.
1) Pumpkins. Mine (left) and Bec's (right)
2) John as Mozart
3) Billy and Joe as the Dynamic duo, complete with rock hard jock strap things
4) David and Sam kiss sumo style
5th Nov 2007, 21:22   comments (0)

Geisha Costume!

(viewed 1945 times)
The various stages of making myself look a teeny bit geisha-ish.
1) putting white goop on my face, trying not to mess up the liquid liner.
2) The finished article!!! I got the wig online, made the kanzashi (hair flowery thing) myself (glue gun a go-go), got the kimono and obi in japan and the shoes from target :-)
3) Back view
4) Trying to get the frickin' make up off at the end of the night
5th Nov 2007, 21:20   comments (0)

Our legacy from Japan....pimped my mobile!

(viewed 880 times)
As an homage to Japan, myself and Liisa blinged our mobiles. I personally think Liisa went a bit overboard.

Admit it, you're jealous.
25th Oct 2007, 18:13   comments (1)

Sunset over the clouds

(viewed 569 times)
On the plane home- it was a stunning sunset which the picture doesn't really capture.
25th Oct 2007, 18:10   comments (0)

Biggest pendulum clock in the world...

(viewed 1012 times)
1) The biggest pendulum clock in the world.
2) Liisa standing next to one of the pendulums for scale purposes.
3) View of the skybridge over the building atrium from below
25th Oct 2007, 18:09   comments (0)

Views from the observation deck, Government buildings, Tokyo

(viewed 542 times)
Views of Tokyo from the South deck of the government buildings.
25th Oct 2007, 18:08   comments (0)