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Not a government idea, nor a corporate site. Adventure Atlas and a digital box for magic.
Once I had a texual blog, but then I've lost my words... and moved here...

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It's silent, almost dull, but free. I sit on the doorstep of a cornerstore
that had been closed from this side, and roll a cigarette. Then stand up and
walk the next few steps to find a shadowy bench behind trees and bushes,
facing the street. In a deco of wallpaper stickers on contemporary changes
and 0-day communication art accompanies me.. Smoke my cig like if someone
would consider it a joint. Icelandic way
4th Sep 2005, 14:38   | tags:,comments (0)


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Ship on Icelandic port.
4th Sep 2005, 14:32   | tags:comments (0)

Smoking Bored

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4th Sep 2005, 14:30   comments (2)


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The book I bought from a dedicated sci-fi book store in Stockholm. All the shelves were filled with all the blades of all authors ever written in cosmology, cberpunk, star galaxies and further more to manga comic books, unfolded from the back-forward..
28th Aug 2005, 08:12   comments (0)

ATAKA Bulgarian party protest

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28th Aug 2005, 07:39   | tags:,,comments (0)

Road Kiel -> Hamburg

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It is a 45 miutes of road gliding. The agent - a solid woman - had taken us from the harbour with this car, and drove us straight to Hamburg's airport.

. windfarms. I didn't like it leaving. sobber
24th Aug 2005, 21:28   | tags:comments (1)


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This is the only picture I had taken in Amsterdam, because of a later time-chase to catch the express boat back to Iljuinden's harbour.

Many Many small alleyways in Amsterdam, and each considered a street. mushroms business is a mirror of life's jungle. (untie this)
24th Aug 2005, 21:25   | tags:comments (0)


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Flags all above the main shopping street in Stockholm. They continue
from here until the end, as far as eye can see. Motion showing a
way,wind and manifestation. Loa

I wear a Jack&Jones; bought from this street
24th Aug 2005, 21:18   | tags:comments (0)