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Call me Kenny or Kunawi. From KL, M'sia.

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New set of SubWoofer for my car

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After much consideration on my car audio woofer... I bought this set at a very reasonable price from a dealer for only RM800.00 including speaker box & bracket!!! Thx Austin Chia... Although it's not a good brand but, the bass was great!
12th Feb 2009, 11:59   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Titiwangsa - Lake Garden

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Just now, being so bored & meaningless at home, i went to the public lake garden called "Titiwangsa" which was just near my house for a night walk! I took along a book to read and enjoy the breeze & night lights of skycrapers of KL by the lake such as KLCC, KL Tower & National Theatre (as seen in the picture backgrd). It's really relaxing with the wind blowing softly by the lake. I just felt great right now!

Where I Live

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Here is where i live with my family. It's a shop-house built in year 1965! It's a memorable place as it's my parents & my wedding house! So i bought it in year 2002 for RM1.2M++!
It has a shop on the ground & 3 floors above! Each floor has 6 rooms, 2 dining halls & 2 bathrooms. I only took up 3 rooms for personal use (a bedroom, a storeroom & a studyroom) in the 1st floor. The rest all are rented out to lighten my mortgage burden!
It's very strategicly located in the real center of KL city with alot of facilities! Community halls, sports clubs, public transportations, hotels, hospitals & clinics & a very accessible by car!
5th Feb 2009, 11:28   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Our Inks...

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Here are our inks, mine is a flame on my stomach. I sketched it on a piece of napkin at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in year 1998 & been thinking for few years before have it on my body coz i'm from a very strict & traditional family! (My dad almost drag me to laser-remove it the instant he found out, lucky my mom's on my side & talked him out! Wooh, thx mom!) Mine was done by a freelance inker (a friend of mine) in year 2000 but he no longer here no more coz he had an accident a year after inking me! Thx to you Allaine Yong (my inker) & may you rest in peace for your ink will always be your signature! Why there? Some might ask or curious! I gave alot of thoughts on where to be ink as it was my 1st. I'm someone who can get fat & thin easily so why not there? At least it'll grow when im fat & shrink when otherwise! haha! Of course I ask around alot... So there it is! My "Flaming Belly"! lol...
p/s: it's a brown coloured flame with black lining! It's a bit ugly coz it's a close-up shot, sorry people!
Her's is a pretty simple butterfly. Just black! She told me it's a sudden decision & her friends did alot of influencing on her! So one day her friends brought her to a studio & she picked the butterfly from so many catalogues provided by the door & she did it behind her left shoulder! I think it's sexy on her btw! Mucks...
3rd Feb 2009, 14:40   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

My Beloved Wife "Jess Kan"

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How's the picture outlook? Nice? I used 2 months to do the effects coz i ain't very pc-savvy... HeHe! I personally think it's good though.
It's a compilation of some of the best wedding pictures of mine with my beloved wife "Jess Kan".
We've been married for about 5 years now. She's very independent & lovely of course. I'm born in the year of 'Sheep' & she's in the year of 'Dog' according to our Chinese Lunar Calendar. Definitely she's my guardian just like sheep-dog watching over sheeps... If you know what i mean?! lol but yet i love herr so much, much more than my 2 kids which she gave birth for this family of mine! Thank You my "SAYANG"! Loving you always & forever!

p/s: Sayang is a malay word meaning 'my beloved / lovely'. That's how i call her most of the time! And oh, we both love TATTOO! HaHa...
3rd Feb 2009, 13:39   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Introducing Myself

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This is my 1st & only blog. Thanks to the advanced in technology, i no longer need a desktop which i dun have. Nothing but my only Sony Ericsson P1i smart phone which i bought few months back.

My name is "Hor Keen San @ Kenny". "Hor" is my surname & I'm a Malaysian borned Chinese in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I'm the only 'dragon' (son) in the family with my married elder sister "Czindie" & my younger sister "Karen". My beloved parents are definitely still around & healthy! I'm turning 30 this end of March & I'm married with 2 kids, wife "Jess", daughter "Felicia" & son "Gabriel". I'm currently living with my own family where my parents & my younger sister live together nearby or somewhat time consuming if there's any traffic jam! lol... Btw, if there's no traffic jam, then it's not Kuala Lumpur (KL).

My circle of family call me "Ah Boy", my friends call me "Kenny" or "Mr Hor" & my circle of net-friends addresses me "Kuna" or "Kunawi".

I do have a japanese screen name or better still my nickname, mainly use in the cyberworld since 1995; "Kunawi Sokaguro". Never ask me what it means coz me myself don't know either. It was given by a japanese student, "Yuriko Koyitaka" during my secondary school days on an international student exchange organised by my school's Interect Club (an external social club).
1st Feb 2009, 15:35   | tags:,,comments (10)