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Sometimes I actually make it to the computer and can play for a while....

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Max the dog destroys another toy

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1st Jul 2006, 11:03   comments (6)

more flood damage

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This is a picture of Interstate 88 near Exit 10
(Unadilla) where a culvert basically blew out and dug
a hole 25 feet deep and 50 feet wide. Two truckers
lost their lives here when they accidentally drove
into the hole in the early morning hours Wednesday.
Since I-88 it THE main interstate between Albany and
Binghamton, NY, you can see that there won't be much
travel for a while until they figure out how to fix
it! (I didn't take this picture, btw)
29th Jun 2006, 18:48   comments (2)


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1. the part in front of the railing is usually road.
2. flood damage to one of the bridges on my road
(this is where the second picture in yesterday's post
was taken.) the water's down, but you can still see
part of the tree that caused this part of the road to
flood when it got hung up on the bridge.
3. view up the road (water is now receding)
4. because it amuses me - our pool within a pool
28th Jun 2006, 20:49   comments (2)

these are surprisingly tasty

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27th Jun 2006, 21:36   comments (6)

why I'm not going anywhere this afternoon

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one direction...
and the other...
I just hope this dies down enough so that my husband
can get home tonight when he's done at work!
27th Jun 2006, 21:33   comments (1)

the finished support system that Dad and I built

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(Dad did most of the work)
25th Jun 2006, 22:39   comments (1)

the finished product

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phew! I'm so glad it's done! Everyone liked it, which
made me happy.
25th Jun 2006, 22:36   comments (13)

a drummer and his cake

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25th Jun 2006, 22:33   comments (3)