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Sometimes I actually make it to the computer and can play for a while....

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why cakes and mountain roads don't mix...

(viewed 526 times)
1. before the trip
2. after
25th Jun 2006, 22:31   comments (5)

cake decorations, part 2

(viewed 554 times)
1. the tie, completed, with the original it is based
2. drum parts
3. yes, that is a hangdog look on his face; he just
ate some of the drum parts!
25th Jun 2006, 22:29   comments (3)

cake decorations, part 1

(viewed 567 times)
still in progress...
21st Jun 2006, 10:07   comments (7)

Cake, cake and more cake!

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The pictures are, in order,
1) Saturday morning's cake production
2) Saturday afternoon's cake production
3) my freezer full of cake
4) the last cake!
Total cake count:
7 14" rounds
5 10" rounds
3 9" rounds
4 angel food cakes
1 9x13"
1 miniature jelly roll
21st Jun 2006, 10:06   comments (7)

Egg antic

(viewed 494 times)
Ok, check out the fact that the egg in the upper
center of the cluster of eggs still has its white
clearly delineated.
21st Jun 2006, 09:56   comments (0)

Any guesses?

(viewed 592 times)
Here's part of the cake support system...any guesses
as to what it is?
17th Jun 2006, 17:12   comments (6)

Why one should think twice about letting drummers into one's kitchen

(viewed 465 times)
14th Jun 2006, 22:48   comments (4)


(viewed 545 times)
copious amounts of cake batter lead to copious amounts
of cake! (Yep, that's a 14" round cake)
14th Jun 2006, 22:45   comments (2)