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Nearing the crest of the hill (37). The partner of a voracious and far superior blogger (check my user profile for the link). Owner of a cat who wants to take over the world and move back to Dunstable (her home town), and owner of several goldfish that speak with cockney accents. Wanting to rant and grumble about this and that going on in the world. Wanting to post pics and vids from my mobile from time to time. I just want to be able to express an opinion on topics, if I have one, or maybe reveal a piece of "exciting" information about my life...whatever really.

Feel free to contact, leave comments, etc.

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Well, it's been a laugh, but I must go. I have come to the realisation
that this site is not really for me. For one, it has eaten away too
much of my money and secondly, I don't actually find it quite as
flexible as I initially thought it would be. I could go on...but there
are many pluses to Moblog too and I know it's just my personal
experience. I'll still be using it for Chrissy's blog. But for now
it's goodbye from me...

All future blogs, see:
19th Oct 2007, 10:39   comments (1)

Oh, happy day!

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Finally! At last! I think I have my blog all sorted. Now all I have to worry about is coming up with the £5 a month to keep it running. I'm not exactly what you'd call "flush" with money...YES, to the degree that coming up with £5 a month could pose a problem. I'll have to see what I can sell on eBay. Maybe I'll have to sell the cat?!

18th Oct 2007, 00:01   | tags:,,comments (0)

Trials and tribulations!

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OMFG! Talk about "trial and error"! I just started to get my head around knowing some html code, and now it's all bloomin' CSS!I feel like I've been put through the wringer! I now don't know what I'm going to stick with. I don't really think people are interested in sitting down listening to someone's whining voice so perhaps the audio blog will be extremely short lived. Not that I do this blog for anyone's sake but my own. But if people are visiting my blog, they probably won't really take the time to listen to audio posts. They want pretty pictures and a bit of text, that's all. As for the text wrapping issue - well, f*ck it! I'm really beyond caring now. I've spent the last 48 hours (not ALL the 48 hours of course - I don't do coke) changing themes, altering CSS code (which I know bugger all about). I say that (f*ck the text wrap issue), but I know if this post goes up askew I will tear what hair I have out!!! I like how I have my blog now, so PLEASE text, wrap properly!!! Please God, let it end!!


It just dawned on me!

17th Oct 2007, 10:32   comments (0)

Thumb Twiddling.

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I find myself at home alone today. It's an opportunity to sit at the computer for a while and do stuff. This is why I decided to use Moblog. I live in a house with an Internet addict and so my time on the Internet is sparse most days. So today I start with the know, check email, check facebook, visit BBC news, check the bank. Then once all the Internet "jobs" are done, I sit twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do next. Which is silly really because my next thought should be "while I'm here on my own, blog!", but in the end it becomes "I know! I'll blog about being STUCK on what to do NEXT while on the Internet".

Photo supplied by: Mollivan Jon Under CC: Some rights reserved
16th Oct 2007, 12:52   | tags:comments (2)

Lily Allen dealt in ecstasy?

(viewed 1691 times)
It goes to show you can't always believe what you read on Wikipedia (or then again, maybe I'm just too naive to not believe it). It reminds me of what happened when Ronnie Hazelhurst died last week. A lot of journalists were "found out" for just WHERE they source their information from, because many reported that Hazelhurst had co-written the S Club 7 hit Reach, as had been cited on Wikipedia.
-- Larelle

Are you looking forward to November 24th?

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Well, if you are Australian, probably not, because that is going to be polling day for the federal election. Will Aussie's decide that 11 years is finally more than enough of a Prime Ministership for John Howard? Will they actually go for Kevin Rudd? Australia has compulsory voting but that doesn't mean people vote properly. I, like many other people I've known cast "donkey votes". That is deliberately invalidating your voting paper to make it a non-vote. But then that's probably why someone like Howard has been running the country for 11 years. I don't know of many people who are "middle class" who deliberately invalidate their vote. My brother being an example. It would be absolute SACRILEGE for my brother not to use his vote properly. And I would put my life on it that my brother will vote for Howard once again.

It's hard to argue with the statistics. Lowest unemployment rate for over 30 years and very strong economy. But statistics are there for the "fudging".

I'm not sure Rudd is the right man either. While I was in Oz earlier this year, the man does seem to come across as a bit of a Blair clone. He seems like one of these New Labor blokes. He seems to have some very right wing views. But still has ties with the unions. So maybe he's not as right wing as Blair seemed to end up being. I suppose it's up to the Australian nation. Do they want to continue right, right, right...or just go a "little" right...or is that left?

I'm sure by the time November 24th swings round, the Australian public will sick to the back teeth of electioneering. Both leaders have been in "election" mode all bloody year anyway. There was talk of the election all the 4 months I was in Oz earlier in the year. If Gordon Brown had called one here in the UK, it would have been interesting to see how the two elections would have panned out. As it is, we get a reprieve in the UK, but I'll be thinking of you Aussie's come November 24th. Good luck, whoever you decide to go with. I dare say, no matter who it're going to need it!

-- Larelle

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White Knickers?

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Can anyone explain to my WHY anyone would want white knickers? And WHY manufacturers insist on putting more white knickers than any other colour into a multi-pack? If people want white knickers, why not just make packs of white-knickers-only available to them? Unless you are wearing a white skirt/dress/trousers...why on Earth would you want white knickers? Particularly (and excuse me for pointing this out) at certain times of the month? Is white material the cheapest or something? I really don't want white knickers but I have no choice because they are there in every bloody multi-pack I buy. Unless I buy like 4 packs and sell off just the white ones...but why should I have to do that? And why can't I buy a pack of just black ones? Am I asking too much?

-- Larelle

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12th Oct 2007, 23:51   | tags:,comments (29)
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