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Right now just getting the 'feel' of MoBlog. Whatever that's supposed to 'feel' like.

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Me and a few work mates...

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The theme was Ocean's Twelve but I have no idea why Charlie (the one on the right) wore a hat..seemed to misinterpret it as a Gangsters Night I think. Anyway it was a good laugh, lost lots of money between us at the Casino though I probably came off second-best with a loss of £10 heh.
12th May 2006, 14:51   comments (4)

Blossom trees

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are some of the nicest trees around. I'm not into pink really but in this case I can make an exception.
12th May 2006, 14:18   comments (0)

Summer is here!

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Just a snapshot of campus life in Brighton at the moment. I.e. It's great! Lol! Roll on june/july i say.
4th May 2006, 13:20   comments (4)

Sanchez Tennis Academy

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Not much of a shot I know but I don't really feel comfortable taking
pictures of people training/playing tennis cos it does tend to put them off
- it's bad etiquette after all! The boy in blue just about to serve is
apparently China's '18 + under' number 1 ranked player! That's even more
impressive when you think about how many people live in China!! (though they
don't all necessarily play, it's still a big number) Kuznetsova was there
training too - though I had no idea who she is lol! -_-;;
25th Apr 2006, 19:01   comments (0)


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This, ladies and gentlemen, is for you fruit-lovers out there. Again shot
in Barcelona in the Open-Market within La Rambla. Drooling is quite
acceptable people... ~_^
25th Apr 2006, 12:47   comments (4)

Look look!

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A statue of a bronze angel no? Well no...it's a lady dressed up as a bronze
angel! One of the more convincing performers in La Rambla - Barcelona.
It's kinda freaky when they move cos you forget they're people...
25th Apr 2006, 12:42   comments (1)


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Here's a pic of my trip into Barcelona today... This is 'La Sagrada
Familia', a huge Cathedral being rebuilt - gonna take another 30 years
apparently!! o_O;;
23rd Apr 2006, 20:26   comments (5)


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This is how one looks when waiting half an hour for a train..just missed the last one. Shoulda gotten a cab to the station instead of the bus. Darn public transport!
22nd Apr 2006, 16:42   comments (3)
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