Songs From The Big Light

by Len Corby

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It's a life ...

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Elbow @ Birmingham Academy

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Note the rather fine view in pics 1 and 2, spoiled in the end by three
rather beefy bouncers who "moved us along". Apparantly we'd stumbled backstage.

We didn't have a pass and, no, we didn't end up there by accident.

They believed us, though.

The Quo!

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"We can't change the chord ..."

Yes, it's a bed in the woods!

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On set, in the dark, middle of the night ... with the theme tune from Extras looping round and round in my head.

Creepy back-streets

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Digbeth, looking even more menacing than usual in yesterday's downpour.
9th Nov 2005, 22:36   comments (5)

Bonfire Night ...

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... and what a waste of perfectly good garden furniture.
6th Nov 2005, 01:40   comments (1)


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We gatecrashed some poor girl's 21st down our local. We dined on sausage
rolls and birthday cake. I nabbed the very last piece. What a bastard!
6th Nov 2005, 01:35   comments (6)


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Spend more than 5 hours on the train back from London last night ... we
broke down just outside Coventry, and it was several hours before we were shunted out of the wilderness.

Shortly after the top two pics were taken (around 3am, I think), my phone
ran out of juice. Then, the power gave out completely and we were plunged into total darkness (hence the lightstick, which I could only photograph once the sockets went live again ... a real shame, cos we looked like a carriage full of ravers).

They gave us water, biscuits and a full refund ... after an expensive day in London, I wasn't at all fussed.

EDIT: I didn't mention that it was 'effin freezing, hence the scarf!
22nd Oct 2005, 12:41   comments (6)

Never miss a cross-blogging opportunity

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Tony, Julie, Aidan, Tef and Kel ...
22nd Oct 2005, 12:30   | tags:,comments (12)