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Snap The Birdy

(viewed 979 times)
Mike and I invented a new game ... how close can you get to the resting pigeons without scaring them off?

I think I won.
20th Jul 2005, 11:13   comments (3)

Swiss Toni's guide to TV production!

(viewed 2260 times)
"You know, Paul, posting on Moblog is very much like making love to a
beautiful woman ..."
6th Jul 2005, 10:12   comments (8)

The Annual 2005

So the story goes ...We used to take a trip to London every year - it became known as "The Annual" ... and it was brilliant!

Last week, myself and Dave took that same trip after a 5 year hiatus. It was expensive, and rowdy - just like old times. And here are the only photos that make any sense ...

1) Big Ben from the south bank of the Thames.

2) At the London Aquarium. The lonliest fish I've ever seen ...

3) Coldplay, live at Crystal Palace. The crowd, after more than 2 hours spent fighting traffic in the centre of Brixton. No chance of a space near the front, then. And then the rain came down. So we were far away and very wet.

4) The gig. Complete with "woo" lights.

5) The boys eagerly await news of where next year's annual will be
held ... and if rumours are to be believed, it may be Rekjavik (but we're thrifty buggers, so probably just London again)!
2nd Jul 2005, 16:19   comments (0)

The Hospital: The Video Game

(viewed 929 times)
Two and a half weeks left on the observational documentary series ... now chasing contributors left, right and centre for release forms & consent to use the shot footage.

It got us thinking how it would make for a great Pacman-style video game!

"Can you track down all the surgeons before your contract expires?"
22nd Jun 2005, 16:19   comments (2)

Office comedy: Fun with labels

(viewed 924 times)
Exhibit A. The cock-laptop!
21st Jun 2005, 20:48   comments (0)

Who's the mug now?

(viewed 907 times)
My gorgeous girlfriend Vicky, now immortalised in mug form.

Cue loads of "Likes-his-coffee-like-he-likes-his-women" jokes ...
21st Jun 2005, 20:34   comments (6)

"I'm so taking a picture of the big mushroom!"

(viewed 1101 times)
And I'm a man of principle ...
20th Jun 2005, 11:25   comments (2)

They've arrived!

(viewed 928 times)
Ticketmaster really know how to put the wind up you ... now all I've got to worry about is finding a parking space.
18th Jun 2005, 22:57   comments (4)