Songs From The Big Light

by Len Corby

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It's a life ...

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Asleep at 7.30pm

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That wasn't in the script. But then again, neither was staying up til 5am this morning. And getting up for work 2 hours later.

I have a new bad influence in my life. I'm blaming her.
20th Apr 2005, 19:25   comments (9)

When there's nothing left to moblog ...

(viewed 1120 times)
... you have to moblog yourself!

Twice helps.
18th Apr 2005, 23:43   comments (12)

"Not tonight, son. You're not coming in!"

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"It's a simple move ..."

The Bouncer Masterclass from the GUST archives. Shot in March 2002, If I recall. That's me refusing poor Neil entry into his favourite nitespot.

(And now you can watch it online. Thanks for the long-lost link, Teflon)
16th Apr 2005, 16:39   comments (14)

If this is true ...

(viewed 973 times)
... I fear I may have killed many fish in my lifetime!
11th Apr 2005, 22:13   comments (19)

Shoe Games

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Some kind of twisted game of noughts and crosses took place on my footwear last night. Glad to know I was of use ...
11th Apr 2005, 12:22   comments (4)


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75 minutes sleep ... an 8am start in Nottingham ... 10 hours of
auditioning stroppy teenagers ... but you'd never guess from looking
at my invincible eyes. And that's, quite simply, amazing!
9th Apr 2005, 22:07   comments (3)

The Man From B.A.S.T.A.R.D.

(viewed 898 times)
"In a Britain gone mad ... everyone loves a bastard!"
7th Apr 2005, 22:38   comments (0)

Len Bigalow ...

(viewed 1090 times)
Someone I've never met before slipped me this note in the cafe at the
hospital where we're filming:

"You need to know someone likes you. You've worked with her. If you
are single and not busy, come to Speech and Language Therapy by

I've worked with lots of females over the last 4 weeks. Lots.
The "you've worked with her" line doesn't actually narrow it down

Oh, I'm such a heartbreaker ...
6th Apr 2005, 23:11   comments (18)