Songs From The Big Light

by Len Corby

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It's a life ...

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I couldn't make the party ...

(viewed 959 times)
... but that's why God created Paint Shop Pro!
25th Mar 2005, 18:53   comments (3)

Len's "Famous" Tuna Bolognese

(viewed 2450 times)
Now ... who wants to take pity and buy me dinner?
23rd Mar 2005, 22:13   comments (10)

The Rainbow Corridor

(viewed 979 times)
If it's this dark, you know you've just put in overtime.
21st Mar 2005, 22:48   comments (5)

Moblogging my Stylists

(viewed 1039 times)
To who mocked me on P-Day (I think it was Seaneeboy) for admitting
that I don't have a barber ... I have a stylist.

Well, chuff yer tea and coffee ... I get beer and a haircut! I
don't mind waiting ...
19th Mar 2005, 18:28   comments (7)

Canada beware ...

(viewed 964 times)
... for there dwells a man in Toronto with the same name as me. He
may try to sell you a house.

"My to deliver to you, the highest quality and greatest quantity of real estate service, in order to successfully negotiate your sale." - Colin Byrne

The bugger even has href="" target="_blank"> I'm gutted.
17th Mar 2005, 20:35   comments (3)

Who's the Wally now?

(viewed 1173 times)
Cow in embarassing branding shocker.
16th Mar 2005, 21:25   comments (2)

Magic Eye

(viewed 5362 times)
If you look really closely you will see that it it, in fact, my eye.
15th Mar 2005, 21:11   comments (2)

Big Dave and The Noise. An Adventure in Several Parts.

Got a phonecall from "Big Dave" last night. In town for a conference;
Brum's doormen united to conspire against his headgear. So, it seemed the logical thing to do was to pretend we were students and blag our way into Aston University union. Which we did. Oh, and I became "The Noise", apparantly ...

1) Big Dave. Stamped. One successful blag.

2) Me. Stamped. Another successful blag.

3) Some students. Not as much fun as I remember. For a Saturday night in a pound-a-pint bar, this was a shocking turnout.

4) The Noise.

5) The hardest working person in Birmingham? Or an energy waster? You decide.
13th Mar 2005, 14:15   comments (6)