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British engineering at its best

(viewed 1560 times)
It's none other than Blighty's own Henry Cooper knocking Mohammad
Ali's block off.

It's autographed by Cooper, and set to fetch a fair whack of cash at
an auction next week. So why its been left it in my my care is anyone's guess.
18th Feb 2005, 19:50   comments (3)

Patties. For cannibals.

(viewed 965 times)
I guess that "Uncle Ron" must be the healthy alternative to beef or chicken.
13th Feb 2005, 17:24   comments (1)

Saturday night @ The Medicine Bar in Birmingham.

(viewed 1864 times)
Top mates. Top choons. Top vibes. Top DJs.
13th Feb 2005, 17:21   comments (1)

Lazy Saturday

(viewed 1178 times)
Looks like I just be chillin' today. Not often I get the chance to do that.

I woke up with an idea for the t-shirt competition ...
12th Feb 2005, 14:51   comments (3)

Congratualtions are in order!

(viewed 955 times)
A big shout out to my main man Steve across the pond. He's just got hitched in Columbia.

1) Steve and Margarita - the happy couple. Raise your glasses!

2) The ceremony. As you can see, they opted for a "quiet one".

3) Afterwards, they sat down for a quick game of noughts and crosses. Actually, this is them signing the marriage certificate, but I couldn't resist the temptation to crack at least one dreadful joke.

Awrabest, big man ...
11th Feb 2005, 23:45   comments (0)

Potato/Arse (delete as appropriate)

(viewed 1207 times)
One I found on my old phone ... a potato that looks a bit like an arse!
11th Feb 2005, 23:04   comments (0)


(viewed 951 times)
Part one of a new series. Places in England I've never heard of. It's near Widney Manor, if that's any help.
9th Feb 2005, 23:40   comments (6)

I went to London for 2 whole days ...

(viewed 1054 times)
... And all I took was this crappy pic off the Tottenham Court Road.
9th Feb 2005, 21:47   comments (0)