Songs From The Big Light

by Len Corby

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It's a life ...

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David Bellamy says ...

(viewed 1365 times)
"Before u head 2 London 4 a few days, make sure u can moblog from ur phone without any pwoblems!"

And it appears I can. Thanks, David.
7th Feb 2005, 12:33   comments (2)

From (After) the Little Tiny Party

(viewed 930 times)
Threw a little tiny part last night for about 7 people.

Instead of cleaning up this morning, I thought it would be more fun to take pictures of the mess.
6th Feb 2005, 13:38   comments (4)

From the Little Tiny Party (Part 2)

(viewed 952 times)
"We're laydeeeez ..."
6th Feb 2005, 13:21   comments (1)

From the Little Tiny Party (Part 1)

(viewed 1159 times)
"Work with me ... you're a tiger ..."

The hazards of not "knocking first", beautifully illustrated.
6th Feb 2005, 13:09   comments (2)

M to the O to the T

(viewed 913 times)
Edith was sick ... so I spent lots of money, and she's better again!
5th Feb 2005, 16:29   comments (6)


(viewed 902 times)
And why not?
2nd Feb 2005, 14:32   comments (3)

A New Superhero?

(viewed 1096 times)
"Another oven being cleaned!"

If you need help, just call ... Oven Man?
1st Feb 2005, 13:58   comments (5)

A Mad Spammer Attacks Moblog!

(viewed 952 times)
Was I the only one awake to witness this? And who's next on their hitlist?
31st Jan 2005, 02:48   comments (7)