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A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 7)

(viewed 1016 times)
3rd JANUARY 2005

My birthday, which I had been celebrating since midnight.

1) Another year. Another morning. Another floor.

2) Later, in Ashton Lane. Hardly any pics from this night because
everyone was being so damn camera shy ...

3) ... except for my housemate. Classic!

Quote of the Day: "Yes, they can be sarcastic - but they can't be funny!"
8th Jan 2005, 18:09   comments (1)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 6)

2nd JANUARY 2005

Back to Glasgow for Pahtlor's birthday bash.

1) The man himself!

2) & 3) & It was meant to be at James' gaff, but his flatmate went to
Berlin with the electricity card. Long story. Nikki saved the day by
having it at her place ...

4) Another city. Another pair of fingers.

5) Where have all the women gone? Discuss.

6) James and Nikki talking about the lost electricity card. Or maybe not.

Quote of the Day: "I know who did it, but I can't say ..."
8th Jan 2005, 17:52   comments (4)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 5)

(viewed 869 times)
1st JANUARY 2005

You know it was a good party when you wake up under a Christmas tree,
someone calls you "Stevie" ... and, come to think of it, you're not
exactly sure where you are. But 10 out of 10 for the
hospitality, even if I did wake up with pine needles all over my

Quote of the Day: "Ass cream!"
8th Jan 2005, 17:34   comments (0)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 4)

31st DECEMBER 2004

1) & 2) & 3) & 4) To Edinburgh for a night of sheer lunacy ... 1
street party, 3 house parties and a rucksack full of booze. Happy New

5) Covert rooftop security squad, Scottish-style. All dressed in black
standing against a white background. Doh!

Quote of the Day: "It's that guy from the Crystal Maze ... "
8th Jan 2005, 17:22   comments (1)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 3)

(viewed 989 times)
27 DECEMBER 2004

1) Back to Glasgow for The Annual - our traditional post-Xmas
knees-up! But of course, if you end up in The Hall ...

2) & 3) ... then you know where you're going to find yourself an hour
later! This was our last ever visit to The Garage. And that's a

4) Partner-in-crime Dave. Later that night he would be offered 750 quid to
model for a gay man. I hear he has since sold the hat.

Quote of the Day: "Two sharply dressed young men walked in ... two
sharply dressed drunks walked out"
8th Jan 2005, 17:06   comments (3)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 2)

(viewed 1087 times)
26 DECEMBER 2004

1) & 2) & 3) Back to Greenock to visit some old school mates ...

4) This was the night that photo-blogging went too far. The look on
Seaneeboy's face is just priceless!

Quote of the Day: "Youth is wasted on the young! Did I just say that?"
8th Jan 2005, 16:52   comments (4)

A Series of Fortunate Events (Part 1)

(viewed 947 times)
A long overdue update (in several parts) ... so this is what I've been
up to for the last 2 weeks!

25 DECEMBER 2004

1) I know the last thing you all want to see is a Christmas tree, but
it was just so damn twinkly!

2) & 3) A white Christmas in Largs, Scotland.

4) Of course, because it was Scotland, it melted half an hour later. Rubbish!
8th Jan 2005, 16:37   comments (6)

Because it keeps Dublin, and Dublin ...

I just got back from Dublin ...

1) "I float down the L-iiiiiiiii-ff-eeeeeeeey". Thom Yorke once wrote
that. And they thought it was about suicide. Would you want to jump if
the view was this pretty?

2) Every city I go to I have someone give me the finger. It keeps me
in check. I can't quite remember if this one was justified (see

3) Pint of Guinness. Used.

4) Har har ... we're taking over!

5) Band Aid 20's "Do They Know It's Christmas" got a live airing in
Eamonn Doran's courtesy of myself and these mad Irish lasses.

6) Told you they were mad!

7) Louise and Olivia, who looked after me when I found myself drinking
on my lonesome on Wednesday night. They're from London, but are trying
really hard to be Irish. Bless em.

8) The financial situation got pretty dire by Thursday morning.

9) The end of a journey. In more ways than one.
23rd Dec 2004, 22:04   comments (1)