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Round My Flat with a Fridge

(viewed 1148 times)
Did any of you ever read that book, Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony

This is that fridge. The actual fridge.

How it came to be in my flat (where it's being generally making a nuisance
of itself by tripping me up every morning) is a long, boring story ... but a
charmed one nonetheless.

And before you ask, no, I didn't nick it. I'm just babysitting it for a few
26th Feb 2008, 21:58   comments (8)

Love on the streets of Newcastle

(viewed 787 times)
Someone hearts Haldane Terrace. Literally.
26th Feb 2008, 21:45   comments (0)

Rock on!

(viewed 943 times)
Rocking chairs. In a pub. In Newcastle.

And why not?
26th Feb 2008, 21:41   comments (0)

The Twang @ JB's, Dudley

(viewed 929 times)
Down the front row ...

Converse-trainers-destroyed-beyond-all-recognition not pictured!
26th Feb 2008, 21:37   comments (0)

Stars @ Birmingham Barfly

(viewed 783 times)
Ok, so the story goes ...

Just as the band is about to come back do their encore, they re-emerge and
announce that they've gone past the venue's curfew, and are being kicked
off. Cue grumbles of disapproval from the assembled crowd ... however, all
is not lost. Lead singer tells us all to congregate in the car park in ten
minutes time ...

What follows is a beautiful two-song set on acoustic guitar (and, in place
of drums, tarmac).

It's the kind of stuff that puts shivers down my spine and makes me proud to
be a music aficionado.
26th Feb 2008, 21:29   comments (2)

Nokia 810

(viewed 904 times)
What a cool bit of kit. Let the for/against convergence arguments commence!
11th Jan 2008, 13:01   comments (4)

Deck the Halls With Bouts of Jolly!

(viewed 743 times)
Since I started using this little Vodafone ding-dong to access the
web, everything's gone a little lo-res (more Commodore 64 than
Christmas 07).

But the sentiments remain the same. Wishing everyone at Moblog a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. It will be great to actually see some
of you in '08 too, since I've managed to miss all of this year's
meet-ups :(
24th Dec 2007, 08:58   comments (0)

Hard-Fi @ Birmingham Academy

(viewed 634 times)
That big screen must have cost a few quid!

U2-style sloganeering aside, a faultless performance.
19th Dec 2007, 22:16   comments (0)