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The Red Devil

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New Car to Colin: Hello!

Colin to New Car: I love you!

I'm struggling to think of a name for her. Any suggestions?

10th Nov 2004, 09:16   comments (11)

Back to the Old Country (Part 1)

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Some random snaps from my trip to Scotland and back at the weekend ...

Some Glaswegian friends who were obviously very pleased to see me!

Largs ... it always looks grim in the wintertime.

Sunset at a faceless M6 service stop (Little Chef not pictured).

9th Nov 2004, 23:22   comments (2)

Happy Halloween!

The best of last night's halloween-een (does that make sense?) party!

Note: Expensive and elaborate gorilla costume purchased on Ebay not
pictured because it never arrived on time! What a waste of 60
quid. Chewbacca costume hired at last minute from party shop also not
pictured because it slipped my mind to take a picture of myself. Doh!

And besides, it was a bit ... basic ...

31st Oct 2004, 16:20   comments (1)

Make that 1002 ...

(viewed 965 times)
I see that "Burn it!" isn't one of the options. Or "Laugh at the silly, silly journalism in it!" for
that matter!

Not a word of a lie - this edition featured a "story" about a man in a stormtrooper costume "arresting" a Star Wars Trilogy DVD thief. Only the stormtrooper was just a jobless actor, and the thief was a legit paying customer - the checkout girl had just forgotten to take the security tag off.

Only three paragraphs in you're thinking "Why ...?"

24th Oct 2004, 22:21   comments (2)

A Room With a View?

(viewed 946 times)
Work put me up in a very swank hotel in London the other night. Nice
of them to reserve the only room with a view of the bins for me!

Top marks, though, for what was delivered to my room when I called
reception to inform them I'd forgotten my toothbrush ...

21st Oct 2004, 09:19   comments (1)

That time of year

(viewed 853 times)
Seems everybody's coming down with the lurgie!

18th Oct 2004, 21:22   comments (1)

Danger! Ducks!

(viewed 920 times)
Aren't country folk just brilliant ...

14th Oct 2004, 23:56   comments (0)


(viewed 901 times)
Two days, imprisoned in a room the size of a small toilet, forced to
watch footage of Russ Abbot all day long ...

So what exactly did I do in a past life ... ?

12th Oct 2004, 22:39   comments (1)