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Hot Fuzz is Mental with a capital M

(viewed 782 times)
Action sequences straight out of the Robert Rodriguez book of mass

Bloody marvellous.
18th Feb 2007, 12:47   comments (1)

Perks vs. Guilt

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In my line of work, there are certain perks. Take the PS3 pictured,
for example. I actually played an international model just before the
Japanese release date, and this is a UK unit that I've got a loan of
for the weekend.

It's sitting in my bedroom at the moment. I hooked it up last
night, played it for about 20 minutes, got a bit bored (since I have
very little patience with games these days), thought "yeah, that was
alright", and then went and watched some TV.

All PS3 vs. 360 arguments aside, I used to be into my video games,
so I can appreciate that there are people here in Britain who would
cut off parts of their own face to have one of these sitting in their
bedroom a month ahead of it's release date - that makes me feel even
more guilty for not having it switched on right now.

So, I'm having a go on Gran Turismo HD later ... and I'll dedicate
my (undoubtedly poor) performance to those people!

17th Feb 2007, 10:19   comments (2)

Friday People

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Does anyone else walk through a mall on a weekday and think ...

"Haven't you people got jobs to go to?"

It's no wonder I'm overworked.

17th Feb 2007, 09:58   comments (2)

For Seaneeboy!

(viewed 777 times)
As I am the *most* unreliable mate in the world, and have pulled out
of Seanee's party at the last minute, here - by the magic of the web -
is the card he would have received this evening.

All the best, Seaneeboy!

10th Feb 2007, 05:40   comments (1)

Love affair with The Shins, back on!

(viewed 718 times)
And, I *can't* stop listening to "Phantom Limb" ...
6th Feb 2007, 21:24   comments (0)

Late '06 / Early '07

So another year has come to an end ... and a new one begins. People
around the world (well, my world, at least) agree that "2007" sounds
really cool. The future's here, and in the words of Ron Burgundy, it
smells of rich mahogany!

1. I bought a real Christmas tree for the first time this year. It's
Latvian, so it doesn't smell. Nor does it drop pines. And it looks a
tad plastic. The bloke down the garden centre will be half way to
Mexico by now ...

2. A few days before Christmas, the Daily Mail predicted
"unprecedented levels of drunkenness". It made the front page. No,

3. Before I knew it I'd found myself in Scotland again. After several hours in the village of Eaglesham's best (read: only) pub, I find myself in my mate's toilet trying to take
pictures of myself. Our trying out a 2.0 megapixel bionic eye for size, perhaps?

4. Thanks to Stevie Miller for the musical hints and tips. Feeling a
bit out of touch with what's been happening lately, he pointed me in
the direction of Midlake, The Spinto Band and Camera Obscura (amongst
others). My iPod says a big thanks ...

5, 6, (ooh, and some clips at the bottom too). It's now New Year and I'm in Cambridge. This gig night was on-off-then on again, so the line-up was, er, somewhat eclectic. Simon Lee Morgan sang a song about loving a "girl who knows how to make a
wigwam", and some nonsense about horse tranquilisers. The DJ who was
up next couldn't work the CD players. By the end there were only about
10 of us in the room. The last clip was taken just before the DJ threw
in the towel and Morgan inexplicably took his shirt off. This was all
before 11pm, by the way. Less than a week has passed, but I already
know I'll be talking about "New Year in Cambridge" for years to come!

7, 8. Back to work this week, and I was straight off to the Isle of
Wight for a day. I saw an amusing sign that made me laugh. That's
about it really. It was only the Isle of Wight.

9. And today the tree is stripped bare. If anyone know a convenient
way of disposing of these feckers (I don't have a garden) then let me
know. Ironically, today it started to give off a pine fragrance.

Here's to a much-cooler-sounding 2007 ... Happy New Year, fellow Mobloggers!
7th Jan 2007, 00:00   comments (1)

Council Christmas lights ...

(viewed 870 times)
... right outside my front door.

That's saved me a couple of quid, then.
10th Dec 2006, 19:25   comments (0)

The Woody Wagon

(viewed 823 times)
In the window of a stuffed toy shop in Stratford Upon Avon.

I hope my sense of humour never matures!
5th Dec 2006, 22:18   comments (3)