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Awesome Star Wars Toys

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From about a month ago ... they didn't make them like this when I were't lad!

The voice-activated R2D2 starts off as bit of a head-f*ck - at least until you realise that it deals much better with your best/worst Japanese accent as opposed to your own Scotch brogue.

The Stormtrooper helmet is authentic. We had the full costume, and
you'd be *amazed* how cheap it all looked, considering it retails for
a grand and a half.

Still ... more fun than a kick in the Jawas!
5th Dec 2006, 22:07   comments (6)

Razorlight @ Nottingham Arena

(viewed 1147 times)
Last October ... better late than never.
5th Dec 2006, 21:55   comments (0)

How terribly rude ...

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Sorry ... I appear to have developed a terrible habit of simply buggering
off, and then re-appearing months later with no explanation of where I've been or what I've been up to.

I've just discovered that I missed my own Moblog's second birthday, like the token dad in the Hollywood movie who's been working so hard he turns up late for his kid's baseball game.

My Moblog doesn't play baseball, but if it did, it would be very disappointed in me.

So here's a pic to prove I'm still alive. See, I haven't changed much.
20th Oct 2006, 00:27   comments (9)

Were we just playing on the PS3?

(viewed 1660 times)
Oh yes, I think we were.

For the record, I think this bad boy *is* going to show the Wii who's boss. And I should know, cos I played on one of those last week. The Nintendo nunchucks are fun ...

... but a built in gyroscope in what's, at this stage, a nicely jigged up PS2 controller ... and a copy of Lair ... suits you, sir!

You'll never leave your room.
19th Oct 2006, 23:51   | tags:,comments (6)

I think I've only five weeks to go(?)

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I'll be waking from my work-induced coma (see earlier post) in about 5
weeks. In the meantime, here's a flavour of some of the exciting things I've been doing/climing over the last few months.

The cracking view belongs to Hull, by the way ... who'd have thought. And when I say "climbing" I mean "taking the lift". But it was a *scary* lift.

Does that count?
26th Jun 2006, 21:25   comments (13)

Jus' some dinosaurs I was stackin!

(viewed 843 times)
That will be all ...
26th Jun 2006, 21:20   comments (5)


(viewed 825 times)
A chef. Slacking off. In Pizza Express.

There was nothing "express" about it".
26th Apr 2006, 19:47   comments (2)

Breakfast at the Travel Inn ... Botting, Kent

(viewed 861 times)
Good morning? At that price, it better be!
26th Apr 2006, 19:45   comments (1)