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Hi. Welcome to the blog for Leven Primary School. This space is for the staff and children at the school to create a log of what they've been getting up to. Use the numbers at the bottom of the page to see previous posts, and keep checking back for regular updates.

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This is a track from the summer show. It is for Quince and company to rehearse with.
20th May 2009, 13:38   comments (0)


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Well done to Lewis and James for designing the winning CD cover for our school CD. The theme was colours.
20th May 2009, 09:17   comments (1)


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After reading Mrs. Elliot’s write up about her rabbits, I thought I’d let you know what I get up to during my time away from school.

Most people know that I’m a very keen hockey player and this takes up a lot of my time out of school. I have played for Driffield Hockey club for the last 5 years, captaining the men’s 1st XI during the 2008/9 season. I also do a lot of coaching on top of the work I do with the Year 5s and 6s in school. I worked with the boys’ under 14 squad at Driffield and the ladies’ 4th team last season but most recently I have been coaching the East Yorkshire under 16 17 squad. I love this type of work because I get the chance to see people working in an area they enjoy and help them to achieve their potential. This is a very technical sport which can take years to learn, I’ve only been playing for 8 years and I’m still learning! Got to www.driffieldhockeyclub.org.uk for more information.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that during the summer months I take part in club racing in ‘Squibs’ in Bridlington Bay and at national events around the country! I’ve been sailing since I was old enough to put a life jacket on and my dad threw me in a boat! I enjoy sailing for the complete unpredictability of the sport as one race is never the same as the next as the weather, tide, wind, opposition and waves are always changing. No matter how many times you go, it’s always a different set of conditions. The successful sailors aren’t always the ones who know how to sail the boats, but the ones who can adapt and set their boats to the ever changing conditions. Having represented our club at events around the country I have been both the North and South coast champion, and currently hold the top prizes in our class from the club regatta last summer. Our club website, www.ryyc.org.uk, gives lots of information about how to get involved with the sport.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my hobbies. Bye for now.

Mr. S.
15th May 2009, 11:08   comments (1)


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One fine day Handa put seven different fruits in her basket for a brrriliant surprise! Then she set off to Akyeo's house and it was made of slimy mud. Handa thought 'Which fruit will she like best? Will she like the soft yellow banana? mmmm, or the lovely juicy guava? mmmm, or the bitter yummy orange? ooo, I like the sound of that, or the red ripe mango? that's good, or the sweet pineapple? yyyyummmy, or the lovely green avocado pear? mmmm, or the purple passion fruit?' 'Have a cup of tea Polly, have a passion fruit too, oh there's one!' squawked the parrot. Then...the goat escaped and bumped into a tangerine tree. Then Handa arrived at Akyeo's muddy house. 'I have brought a surprise.' she said as she got the basket off her head. 'Tangerines!' said Akeyo, 'my favourite fruit!' 'Tangerines,' said Handa, 'That is a surprise.'

By Katie, Year One
13th May 2009, 16:14   comments (9)


The gardening club are planting potatoes and broad beans today.
28th Apr 2009, 12:53   comments (8)


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The Disco!

On the Saturday at Kingswood we had a disco with all the other schools.

It was literally the best disco I have ever been to, we had a fabulous time. The other schools were from Newcastle so there were Jordies and they did your head in. One of them even told Josh off, it was hilarious.

The disco had lots of flashing lights in lots of bright colours. There was a man called Myke and he kept on singing and pulling stupid faces. He was trying to make us laugh but we just thought he was mad!

We had an inspiring time THANK YOU KINGSWOOD!
27th Apr 2009, 09:54   comments (5)


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27th Apr 2009, 09:52   comments (0)


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On Sunday morning the 2nd to last activity was abseiling it was really scary.

First you get to the top of a massive tower which was hard if you were scared of heights.

Then you had to get over the bar get clipped in. When you looked over the edge you could not see Mr Dolman who was stood at the bottom, as the wall we were abseiling down was straight.

Then you had to stand facing away from the drop and start lowering your self down. It seemed like the wall was really long. When you got to the bottom you felt proud that you did it and wanted to do it again because it was so fun.
27th Apr 2009, 09:46   comments (2)