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How to apologize to a loved one?

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In anger, you insulted your friend; you thoughtlessly betrayed the secret of the friend you promised to keep for yourself; You were supposed to help your neighbor, but you broke ... Now you're stupid and you'd like to apologize. But how to do it so that the apology will be accepted? Get to know the unwritten code of apology and find out how to apologize to really apologize.

Repentance and grief

There are people who say "sorry", it comes easily, others are unable to pass through the throat. Even if you belong to the other group, do not wait with apologies for too long. The more you draw them back in time, the more you feel sorry for the person you have hurt.


But express apologies are not the best solution. For the request of forgiveness to be accepted, the other party must know that it is honest that you really regret what you have done. Too quick apologies can give the impression of being mechanical, without reflection.

Chance of forgiveness

Remember that you apologize for what you did and not because of your actions. So say, "I'm sorry for what I said" (and not: "I'm sorry that you felt affected by my words"). The apology should not contain the word "but". Saying, "I'm sorry I shouted at you, but you provoked me," or "I'm sorry I slammed the door, but I had a bad day," you transfer responsibility to someone else or to circumstances.

And that means you do not really feel guilty. Finish the apology before you say "but". We're sorry in order to stave off the conflict and to repair the relationship it has disturbed. Do not, however, treat apologies as a way to end a difficult conversation or get rid of a problem (eg "I am sorry and let's finish this topic").


Focus on the feelings of the other side

The other side has the right to explain the situation, and your apologies should make it easier. Apologizing, you express sorrow that you gave pain to the other side. Do not underestimate her suffering, even if it seems exaggerated ("In the end, nothing like that happened") and do not overshadow her feelings ("Do you know how it hurts me?").
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Who should pay on a date?

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When it's time to pay for a shared dinner, the first nervousness should be behind you. In addition to extracting half-voices and exchanging shy looks, there is nothing romantic about who to pay for the bill.


If you feel bold enough, you can discuss the subject of payment, even before ordering. Please let me know that you would like to share the bill.

Nowadays, the roles of strong and beautiful sex in society have evened out, so that the man does not have to feel the need to pay for everything, and the woman could unscrupulously propose help in covering the bills. Nevertheless, there are people who may feel offended after such a proposal and will insist on total coverage of costs. In this case, you can agree to this decision and suggest buying drinks or paying for a date next time.

Traditionally, whoever proposes a date should pay for it. Despite everything, the rules of dating have changed a bit and more and more often people meet with each other using unconventional methods, such as dating site or chat, which makes it hard to recognize who really initiated the relationship.


Therefore, when the time comes to pay, do not be afraid to relax the rules of dating a bit by proposing the division of the account.
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