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When Robots Rule - 1998?

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My third band, When Robots Rule.

This band included the fabulous Suzi Spoon, who had been in a band I'd loved, called Mrs Naughty.

We played a bit, had a great time together. Then, I broke it up. I think I just lost interest after awhile.
26th Nov 2008, 22:02   | tags:comments (0)

Purr - 1994?

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My second band - Purr.

We played lots of shows, but only lasted about 2.5yrs - three intense ladies and lots of personal baggage, I think.

I was a bit oblivious to the issues - and probably that had something to do with it!! Oh, the folly of youth!!

This photo is from a gig supporting Bikini Kill in Sydney.
26th Nov 2008, 21:59   | tags:comments (0)

Pretty Polly Mine - 1992?

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This is my first band, a long time ago.And its the only band where I've played with mostly boys.

The band was named after a Sydney Nowlan painting:

We were pretty good, I reckon! we got to support Smashing Pumpkins once, and played a lot of shows.

When I started, I was a pretty shitty singer, but moved around a lot. Style over substance.

Nothing has changed - ha!
26th Nov 2008, 21:52   | tags:comments (1)

Bitchcraft late 2008

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Just sortin' through photos and found some cool shots of us ROCKIN' Out.

The band shot was taken at Simones. The Gig was the V8 Ball, so we made a bit of an effort to look pretty and shit.
17th Nov 2008, 21:49   | tags:comments (0)

Preggers Art 2

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Hell funny!
8th Nov 2008, 07:14   | tags:comments (6)

Preggers Art

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I was sitting at home, Friday afternoon, second last week of work.

I was thinking about how active this bubba inside my belly has been. Its REALLY active.

Somehow, my thoughts went to drawing on my belly.

I recruited Nodda's girls to do it. Me and Nodda like doing quite strange things with the Ghostettes. Its never boring being a ghostette!
8th Nov 2008, 07:12   | tags:,comments (4)

Feeding a Ghostette

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Rissole with tomato sauce on a bread roll. Sauce must be applied to bread roll, not the meat, thank you.
2nd Nov 2008, 09:23   | tags:comments (0)

I *heart* Ghostettes

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Children of the Corn, Party Dogs, Set-and-forget kids, ghostettes...

Whatever you call them, they are gorgeous!!
2nd Nov 2008, 09:21   | tags:comments (0)