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Monique from Sunrise

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The Pasha Bulker was playing second fiddle to another very special lady today - Monique from Sunrise!!

Here we see her chatting to NSW Minister, Joe Tripodi.

As gorgeous in real life...Monique, not Joe!
11th Jun 2007, 02:01   | tags:comments (0)

Pasha Bulker

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View through the arches of the Nobby's Pavillion.

Note cameras, as Sunrise, our morning show here in Australia, was broadcasting from the beach today.

It was also fun to note that each day, there are more tripods than you will ever see anywhere else.If people had a tripod in the cupboard, they have all dug them out to take photos of the Pasha.

Newcastle seems to love the spectacle, each day thousands flock down to the shore. The beach is blocked off, still.
11th Jun 2007, 02:00   | tags:comments (0)

Pasha Bulker

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I won't punish moblog with too many more shots...

Every time the big waves hit the side of the boat, you here the sound of heavy water on steel...*boooom*!

Still no real word on any removal from Nobby's Beach.
11th Jun 2007, 01:58   | tags:comments (1)

Pasha Bulker On Nobby's

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Here are some shots of the coal ship that was beached during the big storm on Friday. It is on one of the main beaches of Newcastle, where many of us swim all the time.

The beach is normally full of families and locals enjoying the sunshine.

Now, thousands of them are flocking to Nobby's to see our newest addition.
10th Jun 2007, 04:40   | tags:comments (4)

Perving on Pasha

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Stan, Zoe and Glen enjoy the view of the Pasha at 7am Sunday morning.
10th Jun 2007, 04:37   | tags:,comments (0)

Newcastle Storms

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Stan and Glen survey some damage in the Junction.

Trees are down everywhere, as are power lines.

We were lucky and did not lose power or water or our car.
10th Jun 2007, 04:25   | tags:,comments (0)

Newcastle Storms

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We have had some pretty awesome storms here, as has much of New South Wales.

Here are some cars that got stranded. Most have been cleaned up already. Apparently cars were just everywhere.

The top two shots are of the underground car park at Junction Coles.

Here is a local YouTube video of floods:
10th Jun 2007, 04:24   | tags:comments (0)

Freak Storm

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Last night we had a pretty freaky storm in Newcastle. Our fence was blown down several months ago, in the last freaky storm.

A coal ship was beached yesterday - the biggest news in Newie!
Suburbs were evacuated, students were stranded over night at their schools, nursing homes were emptied, the city came to a standstill.

It took me one hour to get home (normally 20mins) as I drove around Newcastle, trying to find a route home. So many roads were flooded, including my own street. I could drive up the street, but slowly, as water fanned from under my tyres.

This morning it is much better, with much water having got way by now.
8th Jun 2007, 23:59   | tags:comments (0)